Discover how intelligent parking lot management solves parking woes

Discover how intelligent parking lot management solves parking woes

ottobre 31, 2019


Whether at a standalone business, a shopping mall, hospital, supermarket, transportation site, or public parking lot, providing a high-level of service is the key to establishing a good experience, building repeat business and creating a loyal customer base. A streamlined parking experience is certainly not to be ignored. And that is where Hikvision smart parking solution becomes relevant.


Finding a parking space is a major pain for drivers in their daily commute. Hunting for parking means wasted time, fuel, and emissions, which is frustrating and not friendly to the environment.


While urban vehicle ownership continues to climb, the expansion and construction of parking facilities barely keep pace with it. That said, parking space in urban environment always appears to be limited. The rising costs of property and land means successful parking businesses must strive to make the most economical use of their lots. Therefore the effective management of every square inch of available parking space is an increasing priority.


How does Hikvision smart parking solution work?
At Hikvision, we care about people’s life and create intelligent solutions to make life easier. Our state-of-the-art smart parking solution masterfully improves the efficient management, security, and profitability objectives of parking operators.


When manual ticketing is time consuming…
For parking lots close to town centers or popular facilities, high customer flow during rush hours often creates parking entrance congestion. Manual ticketing systems take up time and require more manpower, resulting in higher costs and slower processing, the need for automated electronic systems is critical.


The Hikvision entrance management solution employs the latest barrier technology, combining it with the company’s industry-standard automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) to ensure seamless, managed vehicular entrance and exit from parking lots. Fast vehicle identification and integrated barrier control software means queues are minimized, and greater vehicle flow can be handled to increase the productivity and efficiency of any parking site.


Inside the parking lots
In the parking lots, parking cameras automatically monitor the use of the car park along with the availability of spaces. Each camera can see six spaces and so they can see if there is a vehicle in each one. This information is sent to a guidance terminal, which will calculate how many parking lots are occupied and available, and eventually display through the parking guidance screens that are installed at critical junctions. Additionally, a dynamic lighting indicator system directs customers to a specific space available – reducing customer parking times and creating an experience where drivers always find a free parking space quickly.


Centralized management gives a helping hand
Day-to-day management, including remote barrier control, license plate access management, vehicle accidents and unauthorized parking identification, can now be achieved with Hikvision’s centralized parking management platform. Providing the information and tools essential to ensuring smooth parking lot operation, the Hikvision smart parking solution employs a central management platform that enables operators to deploy manpower, monitor a comprehensive facility overview, and respond to planned and unplanned events quickly and efficiently.


Streamlined parking in Germany
The Hikvision smart parking solution was successfully applied in Otto, one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies, who was adding two new buildings at its group HQ in Hamburg, Germany, which included a car park facility.


The solution employed a deep learning analysis server to enhance parking lot efficiency. It worked to analyse vehicles to improve parking space detection accuracy. The system can also support multiple reports for easier management, such as: hourly, daily, monthly, annual reports to show which time is the busiest or shows as full. It can also show usage of the car park and average parking time.


With the help of the smart parking solution, this car park removes one of the modern headaches for Otto employees, streamlining the hunt for a space. For the full story, including great feedback from Otto, visit


Fixing the parking conundrum
Detection of free spaces and smooth guidance allow for optimal utilization of parking lots. Fewer cars driving around and greater convenience helps to avoid unnecessary emissions, while parking operators and owners benefit from a better car park utilization.


Download the solution brochure today for the fix to eternal hunt for a space.

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