Minimizing fire risks with smart video and thermal imaging

Minimizing fire risks with smart video and thermal imaging
6월 24, 2021

In all kinds of sites and facilities, fire can cause major health and safety risks – as well as untold damage to installations and goods. The good news is that a new generation of smart video and thermal imaging solution is dramatically speeding up fire responses, helping business of all types to protect their people and assets. 


As well as being a major threat to human life, fires can cause thousands, or even millions of dollars, in damage to goods, equipment, buildings, and more. 


To prevent these negative impacts, and to protect people and assets, fires must be detected and extinguished, before they burn out of control. 


Minimizing fire risks with immediate responses

To minimize fire risks, many organizations are choosing to deploy smart video solutions that incorporate thermal imaging technology


These kinds of solutions immediately detect objects that are emitting excessive heat and trigger alarms to managers or members of security teams. They can also be configured to activate water cannons or other ‘extinction’ devices, allowing fires to be put out quickly before damage occurs. 


Thermal detection in action at a major French recycling company

One of France’s leading recycling companies has deployed an innovative thermal imaging solution from leading smart video provider Hikvision, with support from Hikvision installation partner MyLinks. 


With the Hikvision solution, the recycling giant has been able to detect a number of small fires, and to extinguish them before they caused damage to equipment or installations on site. 


“These cameras were chosen because of their superior range/accuracy ratio and extended temperature range. We found Hikvision technical support reactive and of a high quality. We also were able to easily integrate the cameras with other brand solutions and configure them to the specific customer needs,” said Albert Sintes, Chief Technical Officer and Associate, MyLinks.


To find out how Hikvision thermal imaging solutions could help your own organization minimize fire risks and to protect your people and assets, read the full case study

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