Meet the AX Hybrid PRO Alarm System


Hikvision’s next-generation AX Hybrid PRO Alarm System offers the combination of reliable wired protection with seamless integration of wireless peripherals to deliver expanded flexibility.


AX Hybrid PRO caters to the more complex needs of home and business scenarios including small to medium size shops, offices, and factories. Read on to learn how this unique system can work for your next alarm installation.  

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    Why choose AX Hybrid PRO?

    Speed-X technology enables the Hikvision AX Hybrid PRO series to transmit images quickly and over long distances

    Effective verification with expanded flexibility


    • Stay informed via HD images or video clips, powered by IVaaS technology
    • Get instant alerts with wired high-speed transmission powered by Speed-X technology
    • Tackle more complicated scenarios with ultra-long transmission distances
    Hikvision’s intrusion alarm system combines wired reliability with the ease and flexibility of wireless devices

    Comprehensive protection with both wired and wireless detection


    • Flexible protection with a wide range of wired and wireless detectors to choose from
    • Enjoy a higher level of security as the system detects intrusions, fires, and water and gas leaks at the very moment they happen
    AX Hybrid PRO series can operate on backup battery for up to 36 hours and transmits data via LAN, Wi-Fi, PSTN, GPRS and 3G/4G networks

    Convenient reliability you can trust


    • Find increased system reliability with a backup battery supporting up to 36 hours of operation
    • Secure data transmissions with multiple communication methods including LAN, Wi-Fi, PSTN, GPRS, and 3G/4G networks
    • Safe data backup as the hybrid control panel supports 4-channel backup redundancy
    Hikvision intrusion alarm system AX Hybrid PRO enables unified management of security monitoring feeds

    Full-scale security with convenient mobile apps


    • With the Hik-Connect app for end-users, you can manage your alarm system and other devices simply using a smart phone
    • The Hik-Partner Pro app helps installers supervise alarm systems & device status any time from anywhere (with end user's authorization)
    • Open and easy integration with third-party monitoring software used by alarm receiving centers
    Hik-Partner Pro app Hik-Connect app

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