Partner App overview


As professional installers, your constant challenge is selecting suitable products for your customers – including finding useful design references and getting the best prices. Are you looking to save time and money while enhancing your efficiency?


Now with Hik-ePartner and Hik-ProConnect apps, installers like you are enhancing their security business easily throughout the whole business cycle. What’s more, these two accounts easily integrate with each other, multiplying the benefits. 

Partner Apps
A smoother work flow

Before, during, and after making the sale, you will find everything you need: product and solution information, installation and maintenance tools, value-added services, and much more.




1. Use Hik-ePartner for product information

  • Get Hikvision’s latest updates for products and solutions at your fingertips
  • Experience easier installation with extensive how-to documents and videos




2. Use Hik-ePartner for solution design

  • Get access to comprehensive solution-by-scenario info and related product bundles
  • Get help from powerful bandwidth and storage calculation tools
  • Get online support when needed, both staff and automated service available 




3. Use Hik-ProConnect for remote configuration and maintenance

  • Manage multiple sites with power and efficiency
  • Remotely configure parameters in batches
  • Connect web device interfaces remotely via P2P technology
  • Enjoy open and easy integration with an Alarm Receiving Center



4. Use Hik-ePartner to redeem gifts

  • Redeem gifts with points via *Rewards Program(*Please note policies differ in countries/regions)


     Use Hik-ProConnect for value-added services 

  • Save time and money with remote health monitoring and maintenance
  • Save more with cloud storage that reduces the costs for local servers
  • More value-added services will be added in the future including cloud access control, attendance, and more
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