Statement for “HIKVISION" & “海康威視” product from unknown sources

Statement on ‘HIKVISION/海康威視/海康威视’trademark products from unknown origin









































Statement on ‘HIKVISION/海康威視/海康威视’trademark products from unknown origin




Dear Customers:


We have noticed that some ‘HIKVISION/海康威視/海康威视’ trademark products from unknown origin or unofficial channels have recently appeared in the markets of Macau and Hong Kong, and may be used for local project. We hereby make the following statement.


Risks of using products from unknown origin


  1. ‘HIKVISION/海康威視/海康威视products sold in Hong Kong & Macau and Mainland China follow the design specifications and certification standards of their respective regions. Products sold in Hong Kong & Macau from non-local official channels are very likely to cause serious security risks and legal risks.

  2. HIKVISION not be able to provide any local technical support, firmware upgrades or after-sales maintenance services for products from unofficial sources or unknown origin. HIKVISION shall not assume any responsibility or obligation for system compatibility issues arising from the use of such products.

    Benefits of products from official channels in Hong Kong and Macau

    1. Localized technical support and project services from official authorized channels;

    2. Official continuous and reliable firmware upgrade and maintenance;

    3. Local after-sales repair and maintenance services in Macau and Hong Kong.


    How to identify the products from official channels in Hong Kong and Macau

    1. The product has ‘海康威視/HIKVISION’ serial number and supports telephone query;

    2. The product packaging, label and software UI are in English (or traditional Chinese for some models), and the packaging is marked with "CE" certification.

    3. For project tendering, customers may request bidders to provide supporting materials such as official authorization letter, original factory quality and service certificates.


    To guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of partners, end-users and our company, any illegal use of ‘HIKVISION/海康威視/海康威视’ products, software or trademarks, or the behavior of selling our products or software through unofficial channels, shall be held accountable in accordance with the law or punished in accordance with company regulations. If there is any products from unknown origin or unofficial channels to get in touch with you, please do not hesitate to let us know:


    Hikvision Hong Kong & Macau Representative Office

    RM 1702, Enterprise Square I, No.9 Sheung Yuet Road, KL, Hong Kong SAR

    For marketing & sales:

    For technical support:


    Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd

    DEC. 2020



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