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Statement for “HIKVISION" & “海康威視” product from unknown sources


Dear Customer:

Recently, it comes to our attention that there are some promotional publication of HIKVISION products from unknown sources. We would like to look into this matter seriously and make the following clarification.


Please pay attention to the below risk factors:


1. There are generally two categories of thermal temperature measurement products in the market, the industrial temperature measurement devices and human temperature measurement devices.  For industrial purpose devices, the standard error range  is higher than ±1°C while the error range of professional human temperature measurement devices is less than ±0.5°C . Therefore, it is inappropriate to use the industrial temperature measurement products for human temperature measurement purpose.
2. For non-HIKVISION brand products, we sincere draw your attention to check its possible design and safety risks..
3. All HIKVISION thermal temperature measurement products should be functioned with approved HIKVISION software, the unauthorised usage of HIKVISION software are subject to legal risk.
4. The regulation and certification standard in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau are vary.  The HIKVISION thermal temperature measurement product for sales in Mainland China are not granted the international certification, e.g. CE, and thus sales of these products in Hong Kong and Macau may be liable.
5. All thermal products are under import and export regulation control in Hong Kong.  All genuine Hong Kong standard HIKVISION thermal products for sales in Hong Kong market are approved import products by the government department. Using unapproved thermal products can result in penalties from the Trade and Industry Department in Hong Kong.


The benefit of genuine Hong Kong standard HIKVISION:


1. Authorised distributor provide professional body temperature measurement solution, on-site instruction and device error adjustment service when required.
2. Free firmware upgrade service.
3. Three years factory warranty.


How to identify genuine HIKVISION Hong Kong Standard Products:


1. All genuine products assigned with a verification code.  (Enquiry hotline available)
2. Products packing in English.


In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of partners, users and the company, HIKVISION reserved the right to take legal action against any illegal use of HIKVISION products, software and trademarks.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you approached by any unofficial parties. 


Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd
March, 2020