Hikvision offers a comprehensive Traffic Command Center solution covering Violation Retrieval, Violation Verification Management, and a Traffic Dashboard to enable real-time monitoring of traffic conditions and instant responses when needed.

Data retrieval

Hikvision offers a dedicated Data Retrieval solution, for users to set search conditions to search for specific vehicles. It supports viewing of recorded video and vehicle details to rapidly locate vehicles.


Providing comprehensive data


The Data Retrieval System contains all the historical data of passing vehicles. Law enforcement users can easily and efficiently query the plate numbers of passing vehicles within a specific period of time, get all violation data of a specific road section, or find historical information about a specific vehicle.


Improving enforcement efficiency


These traffic cameras extract attributes such as a vehicle's make, model, color and license along with plate number, and then tag and archive that data with time and location information and store it in the database. Traffic authorities can search a specific vehicle in the system to get its historical path if needed.

Violation verification management