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Decision making for operation optimization needs information from many disparate sources. How to put the pieces together is critical. In the retail context, integrating online data such as CRM and POS data with offline data like customer traffic and attributes to optimize business operations is the tendency.


Hikvision offers a comprehensive range of products that collect information, run analyses, and conduct multi-dimensional data fusion. Using devices that are also used for video security, you can now gain a deeper understanding of your customers as a group, observe business patterns, increase operational efficiency, and utilize the right tools to ensure shoppers walk out of your store with smiles and merchandise.

Advanced customer traffic analysis with a high accuracy

Customer traffic analysis can be done in a flexible and adaptive manner, excluding staffs and repetitive customers for more accurate results.

Customer attributes analysis

Consumer Attributes Analysis



Our solution not only offers functionality to analyze customer traffic data, but also summarizes the key characteristics of your customers for you to make more insightful decisions. Customer attributes, such as facial expression, and other data help stores better develop customer profiles and gain insights about their preferences. Use this function in different locations of your store for multiple applications and purposes. 

Area popularity analytics

Area Popularity Analytics





Waiting times can have a devastating effect on the in-store customer experience. Queue detection cameras are designed to monitor queues in real-time and send notifications when there are too many people waiting in line. Along with response times, managers can also check on queue data to evaluate staff performance and track efficiency improvements.

Heat map analytics

Heat Map

Area heat map

Data that reveal which areas are most visited could be a great help for operational insights. In the shelf area, heat-mapping technology marks the popularity of each shelf areas. Combined with other information, problems with commodities becomes apparent.


Global heat map

Using ceiling installation of several fisheye cameras, the system can generate global heat map data for the entire store. This information helps managers to see where the “hot areas” are and to enable better product allocation for promotion. Combined with sales data, the heat map data is a great tool for management team to reveal insights on shopping patterns.


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Remote audit

Audits are necessary, but are often beset by challenges like high management costs, inefficiency of on-site audits, management vulnerability, and lack of further data analysis. Remote Audit solution of Hikvision reuses the existing CCTV system and moves the offline audit process to online which improves the efficiency and standardization of shop audit significantly.

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The audit manager will define the area to be audited, identifying each section and what elements need to be present. Next, a checklist for each area will be established. Items to check would include exits being blocked, goods located in hazardous areas, the cleanliness  of shopping areas, etc. Finally, the assignment of an audit alerts the system to begin the process using pictures or video according to the needs in each area. Images and footage can be sent to the relevant auditor by way of a mobile app or another system client.


Using Hikvision’s Smart Retail Solution, the auditing process might look something like this: the primary personnel in charge of the security audit would schedule and outline the steps in the process. Once initiated and completed, the audit results would be generated. If the process is deemed satisfactory, a report is produced and any necessary follow-up would be ready for the relevant personnel. If the process shows that requirements are not fulfilled or incomplete, those results, too, would be generated. A “problem list” would be sent to the responsible party so that a new checklist would be available.


The process of rectifying the results would be as simple as going down the list and make sure everything was set in order.


It’s always more accurate and intuitive to have a visualized data dashboard than a page of summary. With the Hikvision solution, managers will be able to check for statistics such as average number of problems, ranking, pass rate, etc. With the audit history function, all the data and reports will be safely stored for future reference. All statistics you need are only a few clicks away – that’s the digital way to do retail!

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