Intelligent traffic flow keeps a city moving in harmony. It is not a easy task.

Like a symphony orchestra, the ideal system synchronizes many unique but complementary parts. But when done well, both symphonies and swiftly moving traffic are joyful experiences. With Hikvision’s Intelligent Traffic Solution, it’s certain to be a delightful ensemble.




Better Coordination, Less Congestion

Smart Traffic Signal Control can be a great help in both easing congestion and preventing slowdowns from happening. When vehicle congestion builds up at an intersection, traffic cameras count vehicles crossing the intersection as well as detect the length of vehicle queues in real-time.


With this data, the system can adjust green and red light durations accordingly, restoring flow in all directions. This automated feature speeds up commute times and reduces driver frustration.


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Traffic Flow Systems


Well-Informed Driving Decisions

Traffic Flow Systems collect traffic information at crucial intersections and on highways to provide video-based vehicle detection services, including detection and statistics of traffic flow, average speeds, space and time headway, vehicle type, and queue length.


When traffic builds up at an intersection, traffic cameras count vehicles crossing the intersection as well as detect the length of vehicle queues in real time. Based on this data, traffic lights are coordinated dynamically to even out the traffic flow. This process helps to speed up the commute, reduces driver frustration and the need for officers to manually direct traffic when it builds up in one direction.


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Traffic Guiding Screen


Plan Ahead, Travel Smart

By detecting queue length and traffic speed, the system detects whether the road is smooth, slow, or jammed –and directs drivers out of the problem areas. In case of congestion, route information gets displayed on a traffic guidance screen near the congestion area. Drivers can then get redirected to alternate routes – and keep moving!


Traffic Flow Systems


Earlier Detection, Better Prevention

Being able to quickly response to traffic events is crucial for traffic management. If a driver heads in the wrong direction, it’s likely to cause an accident.


Hikvision’s  ITS detects risks and prevents accidents. Unsafe parking, wrong-way driving, pedestrians and objects in roadways, construction – all these and more are identified timely and brought quick response.


Speeding Detection


Identify Risks Before Issues Arise

Speeding endangers everyone around. Detecting it and taking action is crucial for safe commuting - not only for drivers, but also for pedestrians.


Hikvision’s detection technology calculates vehicles speeds for law enforcement.


Learn More About Speeding Detection>>



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