Fingerprint Terminals

This standalone terminals integrate the latest fingerprint algorithms while supporting multiple verification methods, including ID cards and PIN codes. Identification becomes faster and time attendance reports are more accurate. Applications for this technology in the SMB market are expansive, including shops, retail stores, and more. With our products, authorized staff may remotely control the door through their mobile client. Hikvision’s access control brings power and efficiency to your business.


Value Series

Value Series Fingerprint Terminals perform the basic functions of access control and time attendance. The series is suitable for medium and small companies and retail establishments.

Pro Series

With a large storage capacity for fingerprints and comprehensive functions regarding access control, time attendance and alarm, the Pro Series offers users a convenient and simple way to manage their work force.

Ultra Series

It provides the large fingerprints and cards capacities and comprehensive access control functions for large projects. Besides the basic time attendance function, it also offers other features, e.g. image capturing, alarm event linkages, etc.


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