Dock management intelligent solutions

Loading and unloading cargo at the docks of fulfilment or distribution centers are key steps in the logistics process. Traditional logistics companies often lack sufficient video recordings, especially when there is damage or loss of goods. And it might be stressful for them to track the status of each dock, due to heavy workloads and the large numbers of docks to be managed. Therefore, optimizing dock operations and management is of paramount importance for enhancing efficiency for any growing business.


All of these problems can be conveniently solved using the Hikvision Dock Management Solution. It’s powered by AI technologies and products with tailored algorithms, such as the intelligent dock camera. ANPR technology, dock status, entry & exit detection, and more, all come together in this solution to help logistics operators create more efficient loading & unloading processes as well as improve vehicle and resource allocations, enhancing the overall efficiency. Read on to learn how Hikvision’s dock management solution can help your logistics operation today. 

Key Technologies


Dock Camera – High-end intelligent camera with tailored algorithms:

  • ANPR technology
  • Dock occupation detection
  • Entry & exit detection
  • Rear door status detection
  • Loading rate detection
  • Automatic LED light control
  • Loading & unloading management
  • Scheduling & dispatch management
  • Dock management dashboard

Enhance efficiency and increase visibility for dock management 


  • Get complete and detailed records of vehicle status and movement throughout the loading and unloading processes, enabled by an outdoor Dock Camera with automated intelligent detections
  • Grasp a comprehensive view of loading and unloading of goods, with synchronized live viewing and playback from the conventional camera inside and the Dock Camera outside
  • Stay updated with real-time dock status via visualized dock map, as the colors of the trucks indicate their status – occupied, over-stayed, or errant parking, for example
  • Guide drivers to the right dock efficiently using the LED screen on top of each dock displaying the dock number and the license plate number of the assigned truck
  • Enjoy clear views even in darkness or dim light by automatically turning on supplemental LED lights at occupied docks
Loading & unloading management solution
NVR (Customization required)
3 series camera
LED screen

Augmented automation greatly saves time and improves experience  


  • Provides online reservations and approval abilities for the logistics service suppliers and carriers and the dock operators, via our logistics-tailored HikCentral Platform
  • The platform automatically forms a calling order based on reservations and arrivals, while allowing manual adjustment by the dock team on the web client or mobile app
  • Drivers can better arrange wait times and respond quickly by checking the vehicle waiting list projected on the outdoor video wall
  • Drivers can conveniently check in and out when they arrive at and depart from the logistic park with the smart and integrated entrance & exit system
Entrance & exit management solution
Entrance control terminal
LED screen
Visualized dashboard and reports facilitate smarter decision making
  • Visualized dashboards from the centralized HikCentral platform can generate analytic reports based on your role and needs
  • The manager of the logistics park can better evaluate and improve overall efficiency for loading & unloading, and scheduling & dispatch processes, with reports indicating average throughput, dock usage rates, dwell time at each step, and more
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