Hik-Connect Software, available on PC and mobile devices, has been designed to help small businesses and households effectively operate and manage security devices remotely. The power of 24/7 monitoring, intrusion alarms, video intercom and access control devices—all combined in one app—keeps owners and security personnel in touch with their businesses and properties every hour. New, value-adding functions such as cloud-based attendance make operations and management easier than ever.

Core benefits

Key features


Access live videos and play back anytime and anywhere

Tap into Hik-Connect to see what's happening 24/7 in your shop or house. Breathe easy to check live videos anytime and anywhere. You can enable notifications pushed from Hik-Connect to alert you, and remotely see and understand your environment in a heartbeat. It's easy to retrieve and play back videos at multiple speeds, which keeps everything in check. 


Deter potential intruders and see exactly what triggered an alert

With Hik-Connect in hand, arm or disarm your alarms can be easy and regular with a couple of taps. In case of an intrusion event, you will get instant notification and easily check real-time 7s' video clips from security cameras or up to 20 photos from motion detectors via your mobile phone.

For better security, you can: 

  • Link with light switches and electrical outlets for smart control
  • Get emergency alarms even in the "muted" or "do not disturb" mode

See and speak to whoever's there and let the right person in remotely

Hik-Connect enables you to see who's at the door with a full-screen video call. Enjoy two-way communication with visitors before letting them in. Enjoy one-touch control in Hik-Connect to lock and unlock doors remotely. Mobile connectivity reduces operating costs and time on the road.


Unified management at hand

Imagine 24/7 monitoring, intrusion alarms, video intercom and access control operating as one system, and more possibilities for seamless cooperation. It's all here, with Hik-Connect – powerfully enabling better security to meet your needs for a wide range of scenarios. 

In the workplace, users quickly gain situational awareness around high-security areas without switching from many systems. Once a visitor is recognized by either the video monitor or two-way talk, Hik-Connect lets you grant or deny access as needed. When receiving an alarm-triggered notification, the security team can check in real time using video verification via Hik-Connect and take immediate actions. 

Guaranteed system security


The P2P technology and TLS full-link encryption enable safe and remote access to devices via Hik-Connect. Additionally, you don't need to map LAN ports of your devices to the Internet. All these together ensure the security of network transmission and your internal systems. Once devices have been added in Hik-Connect, only you and your authorized connections can access and manage them. 

Value-added services