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Hikvision's DeepinMind Network Video Recorder (NVR) Series features high-performing graphics processing units (GPUs) and smart deep-learning technology that analyzes video and imagery to help users make informed decisions.


With up to 90 percent accuracy in false alarm reduction and intelligent facial recognition technology, human intervention can be reduced to the bare minimum. And it's evolving. As its training data increases, the DeepinMind NVR evolves and performs with improved accuracy.


Depending on the application, users can choose a single purpose NVR for perimeter protection or facial recognition scenarios (6700, 7700, and 9600 series), or one that can do both (96000 series).


Perimeter protection NVRs feature smart analysis (line crossing/intrusion detection), false alarm reduction, and quick target search capabilities. Facial recognition NVRs play a key role in advanced biometric solutions with high recognition accuracy. The 96000 series, Hikvision's most advanced model to date, offers all above features with much higher capacities.


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