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We understand the demand to do more with less regarding security monitoring. A wide range of cameras with bespoke designs for more extensive settings ensure the big picture gets captured as well as close-up images, giving users both panoramic view and detailed imaging whenever needed.


Read on to see our technologies for wide-area coverage in scenes like public squares, outdoor parking lots, and urban roads and expressways, and check out the products in more detail.


Pan, tilt, and zoom at any moment


A Hikvision pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera works by moving the camera in different directions to get a whole picture of the monitored area and zoomed-in views for further detail of security events. The pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities make it possible to cover large areas with a single camera while getting great detail on demand.


Big picture and details in one view


TandemVu technology features Hikvision’s next-generation camera design, integrating multiple lenses in one unit to provide the big picture and small details in tandem. Even during the pan, tilt, and zoom maneuvers, the overall view is secured. Users will see everything and miss nothing at any given instant.


Seamless stitching for flawless panoramas


Front-end image stitching technology in Hikvision’s PanoVu Series Cameras delivers 180- and 360-degree panoramas view without using dedicated servers. The rendered panorama imaging has virtually no visible edges between its stitched images, while the brightness and white balance are perfectly blended for a great visual experience. 

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