HikCentral Enterprise-Education V1.1.0

Intelligent platform solution for education


HikCentral Enterprise-Education is an information technology which has been developed for central management of video monitoring and education. It is a platform for collaborative teaching-learning to connect students and educators virtually and ensure uninterrupted learning with screen sharing. It features flexibility, scalability, high reliability, and powerful functions.


  • Education application – This deep vertical application provides education sharing, classroom attendance, and education Digital Signage, school gate Attendance, dorm Attendance. The informatization of education is designed to use information technology to support the use and development of educational resources.


  • Access control – The integrated system includes access control, elevator control, visitor management, video intercom, patrols, and other functions to help users manage the access permissions of various personnel and formulate patrol tasks.


  • Vehicle control – Entrance and exit management, parking lot management, parking guidance, checkpoint violation management, etc., constitute a vehicle control system so users can build their own parking payment and violation management system.


  • Base functionality – Includes video security, alarm detection and maintenance applications. Video Security modules provides live viewing, playback, smart video walls, and PTZ control, this system helps users complete daily security inspections and monitoring. Alarm detection modules provides intrusion alarm and panic alarm, supports managing and configuring alarm devices, arming/disarming/clearing alarm of the partition, and arm/disarm all the partitions,.etc. In Operation and Maintenance modules, users can check the status of various devices and services in real time, troubleshooting and making repairs in a timely manner wherever and whenever needed.

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