Securing a New Digital World with Zero Trust

Securing a New Digital World with Zero Trust

Rapid change, often driven by technology, is a constant in our world today.


But technological advancements are a mixed blessing, enabling enormous opportunity alongside unprecedented cyber risks. Today, we’re in the midst of a new era—the Internet of Things (IoT) Era—witnessing an exponential expansion of data and devices, new connection speeds enabled by 5G networks, and the rise of automation from deep learning. Yet these wonders have simultaneously put the attack surface for cyber threats on a previously unimaginable growth curve1. Add to this the increasing complexity of our organizations and our insatiable demand for real-time information at home and at work, and the end result is increased cybersecurity concerns.


So how do we address growing cybersecurity concerns? In recent years, many have heard the term “Zero Trust,” a concept developed in 2010, mentioned as an antidote to ever-changing cybersecurity threats. Much more than an IoT-era buzzword, Zero Trust, when thoughtfully implemented, can play an essential role in safeguarding our people, our businesses, and our devices well into the future.


This white paper will explain Zero Trust, outline why it’s essential within the IoT industry and describe how Hikvision, a global manufacturer of IoT devices with a focus in video surveillance, endorses the concept of Zero Trust.


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