Security Magazine Names Hikvision’s Chuck Davis one of ‘Top Cybersecurity Leaders of 2021’

Security Magazine Names Hikvision’s Chuck Davis one of ‘Top Cybersecurity Leaders of 2021’


Security magazine on March 1 named Hikvision’s Senior Director of Cybersecurity Chuck Davis, as one of the magazine’s “Top Cybersecurity Leaders of 2021.” The award recognizes security executives who have made and continue to make significant contributions to cybersecurity, within their own organizations and the security industry.


The call for nominations sought “leaders that are not only mitigating risk within their organizations and furthering the profession of cybersecurity, but those that are innovative, forward-thinkers and thought-leaders in the industry.”


Davis, MSIA, CISSP-ISSAP, is a highly credentialed and accomplished cybersecurity professional. As the senior cybersecurity director of Hikvision, he is leading the company’s international cybersecurity efforts in the Americas and Asia-Pacific regions. 


Davis came to the security industry from IBM in 2017, and he has made a major positive impact on Hikvision, overseeing the company’s achievement of many milestones and raising the company’s cybersecurity game to industry-leading status. He has also eagerly shares his cybersecurity expertise with the security industry as a whole. He sits on several boards, has numerous certifications, is a co-author of two books, and the author of several patents. 


Davis’ philosophy is summed up in his words: “Physical security companies should be competitors in the marketplace, but they need to be allies in cyberspace. Cybersecurity experts at leading IT companies regularly collaborate to defend against cybersecurity attacks. The security industry needs to do the same. That’s the way to strengthen security industry products, policies and practices. And it’s the best way to keep our businesses and employees safe from cybersecurity threats.”


Hikvision is pleased that Security magazine recognized Chuck Davis alongside other awardees for the “Top Cybersecurity Leaders of 2021.” 

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