Hikvision Win Security Hardware Product Innovation of the Year

Hikvision MinMoe Touch-Free Face Recognition Terminals win Security Hardware Product Innovation of the Year at Security and Fire Excellence Awards 2020

26th November 2020 - Hikvision has won the Security Hardware Product Innovation of the Year award for its MinMoe Touch-Free Face Recognition Terminals at the 2020 Security and Fire Excellence Awards. The Awards were presented in a virtual ceremony online on Wednesday November 25, hosted by Catchphrase’s Stephen Mulhern.


The MinMoe terminals (DS-K1T607 series and DS-K1T671 series) are powered by deep learning technology, which provides 99%-plus face recognition accuracy and access times of just 0.2 seconds/person. Harnessing Hikvision’s video security expertise, the terminals are equipped with a 2MP camera capable of capturing facial images in all lighting conditions, and dual lenses for anti-spoofing. The system also offers QR code access and swipe card or token verification, as well as a video intercom function for visitors.


On top of its facial recognition-based access control capability, the terminals use thermographic technology to provide a touch-free temperature screening solution. Skin-surface temperature screening results are accurate to ± 0.5°C. In addition, the terminals can be configured for mask detection, prompting users to wear a face covering if required and denying access if necessary. Temperature screening is still effective for those wearing masks. The MinMoe terminals are also available as Face Recognition Modules for use with turnstile systems.


Judges said the MinMoe is “an excellent product that offers a range of efficiencies to end users”.


As part of its winning submission for the Security and Fire Excellence Awards, Hikvision detailed the case of Royal Hospital Chelsea, home of the iconic army veteran Chelsea Pensioners. Here, MinMoe terminals were installed for touch free access, providing entry to Pensioners’ berths and to the Royal Hospital Infirmary. There is no requirement for keys, tokens, or access swipe cards to be carried by residents, or for them to remember entry codes or PINs.


Justin Hollis, Hikvision UK & Ireland Marketing Director, said the company was thrilled that its MinMoe Terminals had won the Security Hardware Product Innovation of the Year award.


“We are absolutely delighted and grateful to have been recognised by the Security and Fire Excellence Awards judges for this outstanding product,” he said. “The MinMoe terminals really reflect our intention to bring technologically advanced, genuinely effective user-friendly solutions to the market, and this prestigious award is a great acknowledgement of the work of our R&D and product development teams.”



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