Hikvision collaborates with TCT Group to provide security technology to schools and government hospitals in Thailand

Hikvision collaborates with TCT Group to provide security technology to schools and government hospitals in Thailand


January 17, 2019    Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video security products and solutions, worked with TCT Group, an authorised national distributor of Hikvision in Thailand, to proudly sponsor a series of local schools and government hospitals. Since the third quarter of 2018, a donation of Hikvision security devices has been made to over 198 facilities throughout Thailand. 


When asked about the initiative of these CSR activities, Mr. Chongtong Xie, CEO of TCT Group said: “As we are operating in Thailand, where majority of the population believe in the Buddha’s teaching of peace and giving, we believe in giving back not just safety but a peace of mind in their places of work and learning.”


“On the other hand, this is also in line with the “Thailand 4.0” economic model that is heavily promoted by the Thai government. This model calls for innovation and digitalisation accelerated by high-technology. Security technology is just one example, it helps protect social environment, and improves our quality of life.”


According to Xie, Hikvision cameras provided extra security for these sites. Schools and government hospitals equipped with cameras are ensured with site security which enhanced the safety of students, patients and hospital staff.


“Hikvision is committed to improving safety and security in a variety of vertical markets and across society,” said Holic Huang, Channel Sales Manager of Hikvision Thailand. “On behalf of Hikvision, TCT Group shares completely the same goal of corporate social responsibility. This is a great example of how we work together with partners to bring security technology and its benefits to local society, and we’ll continue to do so.” 


About TCT Group

TCT group is a Thai based trading company specializing in Chinese computer accessories and security solution. We have over 1,000 SKUs. Our brands include DTECH accessories and Watashi. TCT Group CEO, Mr. Xie Chong Tong, was a member of The Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and is a current committee member of The Chinese - Thai chamber of commerce.



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