Hikvision Introduces All-in-One NVR to Security Market

Hikvision Introduces All-in-One NVR to Security Market

March 5, 2015    Hikvision, the global leader in innovative video surveillance products and solutions, announces the availability of its latest NVR unit – the DS-7600NI-E1/A All-in-One NVR. With the appearance of a simple monitor, this NVR looks like no other but retains abundant features and functionalitiesof Hikvision NVR. The DS-7600NI-E1/A integrates video recording, storage, and display in one compact unit, providing an ideal solution for the home surveillance and SMB sectors, such as retail stores, hotels and hospitals, etc., wherever the environment demands a neat and unobtrusive unit.


All-in-One features

The unit features a 22” surveillance-level LCD monitor, which offers maximum reliability with double the operational life span of traditional LCD units. The NVR supports up to 8 network camera connections at resolution levels up to 6MP for synchronized video preview and playback. It also supports optional display of HDMI /VGA /internal NVR video sources with resolution at up to 1920x1080P; VGA output is also available when connected to another monitor.


In addition, the All-in-One NVR includes a USB port so that users can import any advertising video & audio file for playback.


The NVR even offers the added convenience of an internal hard drive slot at the rear, which frees users to install one manually.



Installation is made simple through the NVR’s plug & play feature. It automatically discovers Hikvision IP Cameras and other ONVIF-compliant models on the network with no programming or configuration necessary.


The small size of the combined unit also means users can easily set the unit on the tabletop or and mount it on the wall for a more permanent solution by simply removing the base.


Hikvision DS-7600NI-E1/A All-in-One NVR will be showcased at the coming security trade shows: ISC Brasil in Sao Paulo (Hikvision booth: E20), SECON 2015 in Korea (Hikvision booth: E01), and ISC West in Las Vegas (Hikvision booth: 18051). Please stop by Hikvision booth and find the product.

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