PM Q&A: Hikvision Live Webcams - Streaming new lifestyle possibilities

PM Q&A: Hikvision Live Webcams - Streaming new lifestyle possibilities

1월 20, 2022


A live stream tide is sweeping the world. According to Market Research Future1, the global live stream market is projected to grow at 28.10% CAGR from 2020 to 2027. Hikvision launched its new line of webcams to this market in June 2021, among which the Live Series Webcam was well received. We interviewed Hikvision Webcam Product Manager Shirley You to find out how the Live Series Webcam helps create new consumer experiences and lifestyle possibilities.


Q: Can you introduce Hikvision's webcam family?

The Hikvision webcam product family currently comprises of three different series – Value, Pro, and Live – designed for various scenarios and user groups, and aims to bridge any distance.


The Value Series features 1080p high definition, wide-angle and distortion-free lenses. The cameras also boast intelligent noise reduction, making them perfect for online education applications.


The Pro webcams are designed for remote conferencing. They ensure audio and video are always clear during presentations, conferences, or group discussions.


The Live Series targets lifestyle enrichment. It caters to online shopping, video chatting, and other scenarios. It can transform social engagement, for example, by creating the closest possible experience of 'being there', even when communicating digitally.


Q: Why did Hikvision launch a separate Live Series camera?

In China, we have seen a booming live stream trend. It has revolutionized the retail industry and consumer shopping habits by improving engagement, and driving sales. It has also made a strong presence in people's daily social behavior and connecting people in new ways.


We also see this trend extend to a global perspective. The live stream industry has a vast developing base, driven by enhanced network infrastructure, people's increased demand for personalized experience, and the lasting impact of the pandemic.


Although video chat and TV live shopping are no longer novelties, the evolution of the Internet and digitalization means that people have higher requirements for live stream experience. This has been shaped by greater engagement, intelligence, and convenience. Therefore, we introduced the Live Series Webcam to meet these thriving needs.


Q: What are the applications and scenarios of the Live Series?

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  • We expect this series to fit flawlessly in people's daily lives and help them dive into more fascinating life possibilities.
  • We expect this series to fit flawlessly in people's daily lives and help them dive into more fascinating life possibilities.

We expect this series to fit flawlessly in people's daily lives and help them dive into more fascinating life possibilities. 


E-commerce live stream is the most prominent area in which a webcam plays its role to the fullest. Consumers can explore everything from daily necessities to luxury items and pay for them immediately. They can also ask questions and learn application techniques just like at a bricks-and-mortar counter.


By sharing fascinating life moments and skills through video or live stream, people may also have the opportunity to become Key Opinion Leaders of some vertical fields such as food, fitness, reading, gaming, and beauty. This cannot be achieved without a powerful webcam that can ensure good connection, immersive enjoyment, and stream reliability. 


The Live Series Webcam can also bring people amazing online chatting experiences. Users can find like-minded people and chat with them from different places. 


Q: Among the Live Webcam's many cool features, what is your favorite?

I think the most amazing part is its imaging technology. 


The supplemental light and portrait enhancement function can enhance the target person and product in dim environments. Users always get their favorite lighting with the thoughtful 5-level brightness design.


Besides, the Sharp Auto Focus technology, which combines ranging sensor with image algorithm, helps audiences get clear details for nearby items quickly.


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  • I think the most amazing part is its imaging technology.
  • I think the most amazing part is its imaging technology.

Q: Who is currently using the Live Series Webcam? 

Let's take Thailand as an example. The Live Series Webcam has won a good reputation among consumers there. Users include e-commerce live streamers, bloggers, and gamers. The webcam is an ideal choice for e-commerce live streamers to display the quality of products across the screen, for bloggers to share their amazing lifestyles, and for gamers to deliver an immersive gaming experience. For example, Thai beauty bloggers use the webcam to share makeup tips, skincare treatments, and other beauty trends to their followers.


Under current conditions, people tend to shift their activities to online channels. The applications of webcams are expected to cater for the user needs for connection and more lifestyle possibilities spanning from entertainment, food, fashion, gaming, and socializing. Hikvision's innovative webcam series will help users embark on a new digital journey with fulfilling experience.


To learn more about the features and benefits of Hikvision's webcams, or to discover which specific camera products are right for your installation, please visit the Hikvision webcam page, or contact us today.


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