Hikvision is always aspired to empower customers and creating value for the society through technological innovation.  To become a globally respected company, we are committed to ensure what we do really contributes to the well-being of the entire society. In the future, we will forge ahead to achieve sustainable development in a down-to-earth manner.



Hikvision’s 2020 Sustainability Key Performance


Code of Conduct

We see ever-optimizing corporate governance, integrity management, and high-quality development the keys to Hikvision's solid and sustainable advancement. We always respect the rules and act prudently. By constantly improving the compliance system, and adhering to the path of sustainable development, we aspire to become a respected global enterprise.


Empowerment with Technology

It is our shared social responsibility to empower various industries to accelerate digitalization, build a safer and friendlier working environment for workers in all sectors, and create real value. We have been committed to applying innovative products and solutions to support biodiversity research and protection, as part of our efforts to safeguard a more harmonious and sustainable ecosystem.



Constant Improvement

We are convinced that only by putting intensified efforts into technology, products and services at the same time can we better empower customers. We seek sustainable development by continuously creating more value for customers, improving customer satisfaction, and gaining market trust.


Concrete Partnership

Hikvision is committed to creating value for customers, serving as a platform for employees, teaming up with partners and showing our goodwill to the society, thus empowered to create a sustainable industrial ecosystem.


Ecological Harmony

Hikvision always adheres to the concept of green operation, to help balance the sustainable common development of society progress and ecological harmony. Along with market expansion and business upgrades, we proactively explore low-carbon and green initiatives, strengthen clean and green operations, and put environmental protection concepts into practice.

Social Accountability

Hikvision sees social accountability as an essential part of its operation and management. In accordance with the requirements of the SA8000:2014 Standard, the company has formulated an internal social responsibility management manual, which provides the guidelines on respecting the employees' rights to free association and collective bargaining in compliance with national laws and voluntary conditions, protecting the employees' personal information and privacy, prohibition of child labor, prohibition of forced or compulsory labor, etc. 

In June 2017, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was certified with the SA8000: 2014 Standard, following a framework to conduct business in a way that is fair and decent for workers and to demonstrate their adherence to higher social standards. Besides, Hangzhou Hikvision System Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Hikvision Electronics Co., Ltd., and Chongqing Hikvision Technology Co., Ltd. have also obtained the certification. 

The SA8000 Standard is the world’s leading social certification program. The contact information of the Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS) and the SA8000 certification body (IQNET) is as follows:


IQNet Ltd 

Bollwerk 31 CH-3011 

Bern Switzerland

Phone: +41 31 310 24 42 

E-mail: iqnetltd@iqnet.ch 

Website: www.iqnet-ltd.com


Social Accountability Accreditation Service (SAAS)

Tel: (212) 391-2106 

Fax: (212) 684-1515


Corporate information

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