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Whether underground or on the surface, priority number one in mining is workforce safety. Slips, trips, and falls in high-risk environments can mean serious consequences. Physical loss or damage to assets causes costly downtime, posing tremendous concerns for mining companies. Furthermore, the industry requires digital technologies – automation, improved manufacturing processes, and production optimizations – to promote operational efficiency and standardize the work process. 


Taking these concerns into account, Hikvision’s Mining Industry Solution protects employees, operations, and assets with high efficiency. This solution harnesses the power of AI technology and top-tier products to help ensure workforce and facility safety, fluid operations, and improved productivity in general.


Personnel safety management


Hikvision's mining industry solution ensures the workforce complies with safety regulations, helping users conduct continuous monitoring in critical areas with AI-powered analytics, and meet the requirements to identify, manage, and prevent potential risks. 

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Operational monitoring


Hikvision' s mining solution adds visibility to mining operations and assists managers in predicting operational failures with intelligent video analysis. Incidents such as temperature anomalies and fire hazards can be detected and verified in the early stages, reducing losses and unnecessary downtime. 

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Site security management


The mining industry usually requires various high-value assets. Hikvision' s solution builds the first line of perimeter protection to prevent intrusions and safeguard critical facilities from physical attack and property damage or loss. 

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Centralized management


Hikvision' s Solution for the Mining Industry features an all-inclusive dashboard to present perceived data in an intuitive, visualized way. The dashboard equips operations teams with a bird’s eye view and multidimensional analytics, displaying on-going site operations and real-time inspection status with detailed information and data indexing. All of this come together to inform and elevate decision-making.

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