The mining industry mostly involves larger areas at multiple sites with various types of expensive infrastructure. Hikvision's solution helps users build the first line of perimeter protection, preventing intrusions and safeguarding critical facilities from property damage or loss. Thanks to clear and accurate remote imaging by our thermal and optical products and technologies, security management just got easier - even in low-light environments.

Perimeter protection


Perimeter protection at multiple sites


This solution helps safeguard critical infrastructure, from perimeters to critical zones, with a series of optical cameras and radar and thermal devices. It can stop potential intruders in real time, alerting personnel of their presence when approaching restricted areas or attempting to breach a perimeter.


Perimeter protection for extreme environments


Power supplies and Ethernet cables are not suitable for most mining areas. In this case, Hikvison offers its Solar-powered Security Camera Kit which requires no wiring for power or data transmission and can be installed virtually anywhere where there is a 3G/4G signal. Users can enjoy timely monitoring 24/7 with alerts even in complex geographical and environmental conditions. This solution effectively eases routine inspections at remote areas, minimizing human and hardware costs. 

Fire prevention


Discover abnormally high temperatures before the worst happens


Fire prevention is one of the core concerns of the mining industry. Spontaneous combustion, the accumulation of flammable materials, or smoking in unsafe areas can cause fires resulting in damage to surrounding assets as well as huge property losses. Hikvision' s Mining Solution helps detect abnormally high temperatures and smoke and generates alarms before the worst happens.

Vehicle management


Entrance & Exit Management


Hikvision offers flexible and efficient entrance & exit control for the mining industry. With ANPR and visualized data analyses, this solution enables non-stop passing of vehicles with authorized license plates and block-list alarm to improve traffic efficiency. Recording of vehicle license plates, images, and video also helps digitalized, data-driven management of vehicles entering the park.


On-site vehicle regulations management


Hikvision' s vehicle checkpoints can be deployed on arterial roads in refinery and chemical plants to detect and send alarms upon detection of violations. Violations include speeding, illegal parking, and more, reducing potential risks while improving operations. All alarms and notification will be sent to security guards for further handling.

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