The mining industry involves complex operational process including extraction, crushing and screening, transportation, and more. The harsh mining  environments may also lead to difficulties in on-site operating and supervision. Hikvision uses smart technologies to make managers' supervision smarter and more effective, mostly reducing losses and unnecessary downtime and improving overall efficiency.

Real-time operational management


Processing monitoring


Protecting workers in expansive, open areas such as large pits can pose many challenges. Site managers must conduct continuous safety monitoring of the entire production process.

Hikvision' s Mining Solution helps users keep track of the entire operational process by using a control center connected to various optical cameras deployed at worksites, providing more efficient and secure remote management with 24/7 online protection. 


AR live interaction


Augmented reality in video imaging delivers an enhanced, panoramic view of every operational process in time without losing details. Mine operators can identify emergency issues quickly or review events remotely by bridging the physical and virtual worlds with 3D imaging.

Industrial thermography


Remote anomaly detection


Hikvision thermal cameras help capture temperature changes in the environment or critical equipment, rapidly detecting potential risks such as burning material or conveyor belts after long-distance transportation. When excessive temperatures are detected, our thermal cameras immediately trigger alarms on the central platform, equipping managers with critical information for the best response.

Asset status detection


Timely awareness of risks with AI technologies


Hikvision' s AI-powered imaging analytics supports real-time alerts on asset and equipment abnormalities in mining operations. Integrated with on-site voice reminders and video, the open AI platform helps users intelligently and automatically identify potential failures early and intervene in time, greatly reducing asset downtime.

Transportation monitoring


Real-time truck GPS tracking and monitoring


Hikvision' s solution expands insights to the entire transportation process. Companies can create schedules and assignments for drivers in advance with defined routes and delivery times, as well as keep track of the whole operation in real time through GPS positioning and video monitoring. Post-event video recordings serve as valuable evidence of incidents such as traffic accidents.


Comprehensive driver protection & assistance


With driving behavior analysis, blind spot detection and advanced driver-assistance systems, our solution provides intelligent driving analysis and detection, including fatigued driving, smoking, and making phone calls. The comprehensive driving assistance brings collision warning, deviation alarms, and blind spot detection, along with other functions to enhance safety and protect personnel.


Improved decision-making with diverse data & reports


A variety of report models are presented to transportation companies with high levels of visibility, providing critical information such as mileage, online hours, events & alarms, on-time arrivals, and more, which helps managers quickly handle emergencies and make better decisions. 

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