Hikvision' s solution for the mining industry boosts health and safety for personnel with continuous monitoring of critical areas using AI-powered analytics. The solution can further identify, manage, and prevent potential risks. It also helps mining operators comply with safety regulations - ultimately saving lives.

Personnel protection


PPE compliance detection


Wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) elevates worker safety during the production and maintenance processes in hazardous environments. 

With Hikvision' s intelligent cameras and terminals, managers can remotely check employees' protective gear efficiently to maintain compliance and prevent injuries.


Violation detection


Violation detection inspects safety compliance and risks at the work site, providing safe distance detection, absence detection, sleeping-on-duty detection, and more. Managers get notified when their employees step into dangerous or restricted areas, or when someone breaches local regulations.


Dangerous activity detection


Dangerous activity detection identifies emergencies and hazardous events that can threaten worker safety, such as falling down, running, unauthorized gathering, and more, helping managers respond in a timely manner.

Personnel access management


Automated Access Control


Hikvision' s algorithm-enabled MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals helps ensure authorized access with a "touch-free" experience even under low or zero-light environments, automatically managing the personnel access and reducing potential hazards and unnecessary losses.

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