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  • NVR 5.0

    As the security industry expands from traditional CCTV to AIoT, Hikvision launches the new NVR 5.0.

    The NVR 5.0 features:

    •        Intelligent operation with smooth UI experience

    •        Intelligent perimeter with self-learning technology

    •        Intelligent connection with more devices, including IP speakers and non-CCTV products

    •        Intelligent applications with more innovative converged subsystems

  • We are currently in the process of transitioning the codes of our brackets. This document serves as a cross-reference guide for North American codes and International codes. 

  • We would like to inform you that the latest Hikvision apps are available in the Hikvision App Store. Downloading apps is easy and straightforward, and the store is available here:

  • If you have registered both an iVMS-4200 cloud service account and a Hik-Connect account using the same phone number or email, starting from September 30th, 2023, you will no longer be able to log into the cloud service account on iVMS-4200 version 3.9.0 or above. If there are devices under this account please unbundle and migrate to your Hik-Connect account for normal use. 

  • iVMS-4200 VS Client Software and iVMS-4200 Client Software belong to iVMS-4200 series product line. iVMS-4200 Client Software covers all the functions of iVMS-4200 VS Client Software. Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency and provide better service to our customers, HIKVISION will discontinue iVMS-4200 VS Client Software from January 31, 2021.

  • Microsoft has stopped supporting Internet Explorer after the release of Windows 11 operating system at the end of 2021, and Hikvision devices are facing the issue that they can no longer use Internet Explorer to implement web video services.


    In response to this, our strategy is to use mainstream browsers such as Chrome, Edge and Firefox to replace IE browser to use web video service, or you can use iVMS-4200 Client Software for easy device configuration and management.


    Specifically, we provide the following three solutions: no plug-in service, local service and IE compatibility mode in Edge browser. In addition, we still support IE plug-in service, so if you do not upgrade to Windows 11, you can continue to use IE plug-in solution.

    Read the notice >>

  • Hikvision plans to discontinue the iVMS-4500 software and HiDDNS service from February 15, 2022. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.


    The impact of the service discontinuation: the website will be closed. The HiDDNS domain service cannot be used. The iVMS-4500 installed on the mobile phone can continue to be used but cannot be upgraded.


    As alternative solutions, Hikvision has launched Hik-Connect App in 2016 and Hik-ProConnect platform in 2020. We will continue to upgrade these products according to user needs and feedback.


    Read the notice >>

  • As a valued Hikvision partner, we would like to advise you of upcoming changes in our IP cameras as well as the way Hikvision products communicate with your systems.


    In order to fully cover all the functions for Hikvision’s ever-increasing product lines and to minimize difficulty for third-party integration, Hikvision has decided to remove the CGI protocol from its IP cameras.

  • We would like to inform you that the latest Hikvision apps are available in the Hikvision App Store. Downloading apps is easy and straightforward, and the store is available here:

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