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Upholding our initial aspiration to serve the society and create a better future for all, we have been taking actions to promote the sustainable development of society for years. We not only encourage and organize employees to participate in social activities to make contributions to the public welfare, but also strive to help build a smart ecosystem and a harmonious social system by giving full play to Hikvision's expertise with reliance on innovative technologies and professional knowhow. 


Dedicated to public welfare

As a responsible corporate citizen, the Company pays great attention to public welfare and continuously works to help more people and create more goodness to the world through technological innovation. Based on the technology of “video plus AI”, the Company intends to carry out a series of valuable projects of public benefit to continuously make new contributions to the sustainable development of the society and the environment


Help to build harmonious ecology

Relying on the products and technological edges accumulated by the company over the years, we are also making great breakthroughs in adopting more high technologies in our environmental protection actions, hoping to utilize science and technology to support ecological protection work. We are applying innovative products and technologies to support ecological research and conservation work, and to help maintain rich biodiversity of our living earth. During the reporting period, the Company invested a total of more than 1 million RMB (estimated based on value) in ecological protection projects. 


Build a smart city together

As an important technology and product provider for the construction of smart city, we have always focused on fields closely related to social economy and people's life, such as public security, transportation, production, etc., and proactively provided innovative solutions to such ends. We use information technology to structure intelligent, efficient and convenient life, exert our advantages to develop ecological cooperation, enabling the public to enjoy happy life brought by scientific and technological progress.

focused on quality

Focused on quality

Delivering reliable products and solutions is the foundation of our customers’ trust. So at Hikvision, we make it obvious that quality comes first in everything we do. At the same time, we continually employ innovative technologies to improve quality as well as our testing procedures, offering industry-leading products to the market. Ultimately, we judge our quality management by our customers’ satisfaction, since our goal is to meet their requirements and solve their problems. 

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Embrace Intelligent Manufacturing

Hikvision keeps pace with the new era and new technologies and considers intelligent manufacturing as an important market. Hangzhou Hikvision Robotic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hikvision Robotics”), the holding company of Hikvision, is mainly engaged in intelligent manufacturing regarding the development of mobile robots, machine vision and industrial-level unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), and persists in independent design, R&D and production. Continuous innovation enables Hikvision Robotics to produce quality products that are recognized by the industry and widely used for various purposes including metal processing, industrial automation, and etc. These products offer stable and reliable operation. Moreover, customized development is available to help users greatly improve work efficiency and accuracy. 

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