Meet TandemVu PTZ

The TandemVu PTZ cameras feature Hikvision’s next-generation camera design, integrating multiple lenses in one security camera to provide big picture and small details in tandem.

Equipped with this technology, Hikvision's new TandemVu PTZ cameras display a broad view even when panning, tilting, or zooming. Users will see everything and miss nothing at any given moment, getting situational awareness from the moment they set up the camera.

Check out the advantages

Big picture and details in one view 

Multi-lens synergy delivers panoramas over expansive sites and detailed, zoomed-in views at the same time.

  • Super wide view: Panoramic channel supports 180° ultra-wide view
  • Smart linkage: Automatic target detection via the panoramic channel with instant target tracking via the PTZ channel

Superb low-light performance   

Conquer the darkness with the help of ColorVu and DarkFighter technology, and let the TandemVu PTZ light your way.     

  • ColorVu: Provides color images overnight with a fixed, F1.0 lens that lets in as much light as possible
  • DarkFighter: Pan, tilt and zoom for vivid details even in low light
Learn more about ColorVu and DarkFighter Technology

Switchable-intelligence in one camera

Enjoy a variety of powerful intelligent functions in one camera – just select the function you need!

  • Perimeter protection 
  • Person and vehicle detection
  • Auto tracking 3.0
  • ANPR & traffic violation detection