Discover Hikvision' s top-notch network cameras

DeepinView Series Cameras feature Hikvision’s top-tier image quality, video analytics, and versatility, bringing AI applications to a variety of business scenarios by automating detection, categorization, and analysis of significant objects or events.


These cameras help business owners tap into the potential power of video-security systems and deepen their insights for safer and smarter operations.

What makes DeepinView different?

What else does DeepinView support?

However intelligent it is, one camera cannot meet reasonably every need you have. You need customized algorithms to meet specific requirements. 


Hikvision’s AI Open Platform (AIOP) provides a warehouse of algorithm models for you to train your own AI algorithms. You can then load the trained algorithms onto select DeepinView Cameras. 


Download a copy of the AIOP flyer for more details.

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