Optimus is designed to help you utilize the full power and versatility of HikCentral, Hikvision’s Central Management System (CMS). Hikvision’s Optimus middleware solution is equipped with a Connector Software Development Kit (SDK), which makes it simple for Hikvision or third-party manufacturers to integrate third-party systems with HikCentral.

“Connectors” are built into Optimus and then have the ability to connect to HikCentral via the Optimus user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI). It’s easy to create Connectors—integrations and workflows to meet your project requirements— from HikCentral to a third-party system such as access control, automation protocols, payroll systems, and more. Optimus is committed to addressing the mapping and integration of events, alarms as well as the data synchronization between HikCentral and multiple systems.

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Benefits of Using Hikvision’s Optimus


Reduce Time & Cost for Integration Development

Optimus reduces the time for integration development work by more than 60 percent. Its powerful and flexible configuration interface simplifies integration of common security events, alarms and other scenarios.


Flexible Development

A connector is the bridge that Optimus builds to establish communication between a third party integration and HikCentral. The built-in Connector SDK is code agnostic, allowing the Hikvision software developers to have the flexibility to integrate with various different types of systems.


Easy to Use Graphical User Interface

Optimus provides an easy-to-use visual interface for configuration and management of third-party integration. It transforms the traditional integration black box into a user-friendly interface, simplifying maintenance and management of integrated systems.


Data Synchronization

Data can be synchronized from a third-party system to the HikCentral database or vice versa in an adapted CSV format. It allows the user to synchronize an unauthorized list from one system to another, map cameras to access control doors, and much more.


  • Easy to use data synchronization interface within Optimus
  • Supports CSV file uploads

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