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All major security needs are covered through nine core-security modules, including video, access control, visitor, time & attendance, vehicle, mobile monitoring, alarm detection, intelligent analysis, digital signage, and maintenance. Whatever your situation, you will find what you need right here.

Diverse business applications to choose from


HikCentral Professional for video surveillance management
  • Efficient and comprehensive video surveillance, enabling users to customize their own view to get an all-encompassing perception of all videos, maps and data. What’s more, each video feed can be opened in a few seconds for quick preview and playback.
  • Quick incident search and location using thumbnails, convenient event search based on tags and VCA search analysis, and quick run-through of video based on event types.
  • Video export as evidence with several clips merged into one video file for reviewing, filing, and downloading in various formats including exe., avi., mp4, and more.
  • Low bandwidth network adaptability, automatically adjusting bitrate and resolution between clients and NVRs or IP cameras according to real-time network conditions.
  • Reliable and flexible storage, automated video backup during idle periods and channel-based video and image storage, satisfying diverse needs with multiple storage media and high availability.
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Access control

HikCentral Professional for access control management
  • Comprehensive and flexible access management methods, with 5 credentials including fingerprintface recognition, card, QR code, and PIN code, and 512 access levels to choose from.
  • Advanced access strategies for sensitive areas, including multi-door interlocking, first person in, anti-passback, multi-factor authentication, free, and forbidden access.
  • Convenient employee badge design and printing with necessary information and access permission, offering several unique styles and layouts to choose from.
  • Clear step-by-step guidance for easy credential assignment.
  • Remote personnel registration by scanning the QR code, facilitating convenient management of employees and other personnel.
  • Automatically open or close doors when the access control system triggers IP cameras to start recording, enabling security staff to check real-time videos and reduce on-site visits.
  • Keep doors open in emergencies when the alarm system triggers roll calls of stranded personnel, contributing to safety of personnel.
  • Easily count and verify everyone’s safety by swiping badges at the access control terminal.
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  • Digitalized visitor management reduces paperwork and costs.
  • Visitor registration in advance so they can pass through accessible areas as soon as they arrive.
  • Pre-defined access permission and traceable records help manage visitors securely.
  • Offering visitors a better experience with ANPR vehicle number plate recognition, fast access using ID card or face recognition, and self-service checkout at designated places.
  • A Watchlist function along with personalized design and printing of badges offer a unique experience for certain visitor groups, like VIPs.
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  • Flexible and efficient entrance & exit management, featuring customizable access rules for vehicles and integration with ANPR cameras or self-service card & ticket dispensers.
  • Improved parking experience for drivers with the parking guidance screen display the number of vacant parking spaces and the parking camera indicates the exact locations of vacant parking spaces, helping drivers quickly find vacant spaces for parking. 
  • Self-service parking query helps drivers quickly find their cars via the plate number, which further enhances and improves their experience.
  • Flexible billing for the varying needs of parking lots, for example, charging yearly, monthly or other scheduled time periods, or setting up unique billing rules for different types of drivers.
  • Intuitive and efficient parking operation analysis and transaction analysis reports, helping management staff analyze operations as well as income and expenses.
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Mobile monitoring

mobile monitoring
  • Efficient vehicle monitoring for quick response, including real-time GPS racking, remote video playback, abnormal driving events,and more .
  • Reliable archive management by enabling real-time event recording, scheduled video backup and evidence management. 
  • Customized reports for enhanced operational efficiency and insights on vehicle driving conditions

Alarm detection

Alarm detection
  • Centrally manage various alarm sources, such as video, access control, alarm panels, and third-party alarm inputs
  • Real-time display of all kinds of alarms with automatic display of linked videos and locations
  • Flexible linkage can be configured with access control devices, cameras, and more
  • Automatic audio alarms to deter intruders while linking with IP speakers

Intelligent analysis

intelligent analysis
  • The video-based intelligent analysis dashboard enables flexible and extensible digital applications
  • Smart commercial analyses – like flow, attribute, wait-time, and visitor trend analyses – facilitate smarter decision making

Digital signage

digital signage
  • Manage and configure content for digital signage in an intuitive manner
  • Eight types of pre-installed program templates are ready for use, saving users time and money
  • All programs are created visually, making advertisement creation, flow control, attendance, and other functions easier and more efficient
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Time & attendance

  • Flexible attendance rule-setting for normal, man-hour, multiple, or temporary shifts based on specific scenarios
  • Diverse attendance reports and customizable templates are available. Users can also create personalized report templates based on their needs. Reports can be exported in Excel, PDF, and CSV formats, among others
  • Easy integration with third-party payroll systems via database, local files, or SFTP, and supports user-defined fields  


  • Visualized network and device topology and alarm notifications allow quick targeting of abnormal events
  • Logs are available for event trackback and evidence

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