What we offer


With everything it needs for self-sustaining operation, our popular Solar-Powered Security Camera Setups perfectly suit various remote installations. They offer robust performance where power supplies and Ethernet cables can hardly reach. Excellent mobility and reliability make these ideal for temporary installations such as road maintenance, music festivals, open-air marketsfarms, forests, highways, and so much more.


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No wiring required


Powered by solar energy, these cameras are set up and run without any wiring for either data or power. A built-in high-capacity battery gives users up to 7 days of continuous operation without direct sunlight. Supporting GSM, WCDMA, and 4G LTE, the cameras connect easily and wirelessly to the internet over mobile networks.


Installation made easy


Lightweight, wireless modularized design and handy pole-mount brackets mean these cameras can be installed without mechanical equipment, vastly reducing installation time and costs.