What we offer

Hikvision’s indoor and outdoor LED displays come equipped with a variety of high-quality components and have been expertly designed to suit any environment. Whether you’re searching for 16:9 aspect ratio, high-precision seamless splicing, convenient controls, abundant functions, extended operating life, IP65 rating for water and dust resistance, or efficient heat dissipation, we’ve put it all together for you.

Why choose Hikvision
Display Performance
Installation and Maintenance


  • Pix Master Pixel Control
    Never lose a single detail

Proprietary image processing technology enhances image clarity without loss of detail.  

  • Top Gray Level
    Enjoy a feast of color

The 22-bit top grey level brings you a wider range of color grades.



  • One Click, Easy Control
    Rest easy and control remotely

Remote controller to meet all your needs, including adjustment of display modes & signal source switches, brightness level, automatic dehumidification and blue light filtering.



  • Automatic Dehumidification
    Intelligently extends lifespan 

Automatic dehumidification function light failures by 30% on average, effectively lengthening lifespan.


  • User-friendly Design
    Installation and maintenance made simple

Installation and maintenance are much easier now with floor-standing, wall-mounting and hoisting methods, and magnetic-front wireless module.

Application scenarios
Service & support
Logistics and Transportation
Warranty Service
  • Vacuum packaging

Vacuum packaging effectively prevents moisture in transit


  • Sturdy shipping crates

Strong, stable, well-labeled boxes provide detailed instructions for reliable shipping

  • Online technical support service

Remote technical guidance provided over telephone, mail, and other instant media helps resolve simple and common problems – and it’s free.


  • RMA center return and repair service

For problems that cannot be solved remotely, return service to the RMA center is available (upon confirmation with Hikvision). 


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