Hikvision Showroom Core Technology-Convergence

Video Security as a Service

Video Security as a Service, or VSaaS, is the technology that hosts the hardware and software of video-based security systems in the cloud. Hikvision’s VSaaS leads the charge with converged, efficient and hassle-free security solutions for remote maintenance and event handling.

  • Hikvision’s solution to converge various devices such as cameras, recorders, access control and video intercom devices, and doorbells over cloud as one system makes them perform specific tasks according to predefined linkage rules.

  • Hikvision’s intruder verification solution links previously separated CCTV and intrusion alarm systems together, sending a 7-second video clip via Hik-Connect or email in case of an intrusion event for timely confirmation.

    Alarm Notification
    Click to verify alarm with video
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