Intelligent Fusion Server

  • Integrates analysis, storage and application as one, and applicable to various scenarios
  • Performs various functions, including list alarm, personnel archive, personnel trace analysis, search by human body picture, and vehicle arming, etc. via web application interface
  • Supports cluster deployment to deal with balanced load, dynamic adding and failover
  • Equipped with professional GPU accelerator and integrates deep learning-based intelligent algorithms
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  • Product Description
  • Device VersionV 1.1.1
  • Device TypeSoftware and Hardware
  • Face Analysis
  • Facial Video FormatReal-time video stream: H.264, Hikvision H.265
  • Video Frame Rate Requirement≤ 25 rates per second
  • Face Picture Formatjpeg, bmp, tif, png
  • Face Picture RequirementFace analysis target: Face frame: 20 to 300 pixels recommended Face angle deviation: Face analysis: ≤ 35° (vertical); ≤55° (horizontal) Face picture of list library: ≤ 25° (vertical); ≤30° (horizontal)
  • Face AttributeGender, age, expression, smile, beard, as well as behaviors of wearing a mask, or glasses
  • Face Video Analysis and Comparison60 channels
  • Face Picture Analysis and Comparison360 pieces/second Format: jpeg, bmp, tif, png
  • Max. Number of Arming Lists3 million
  • Max. Number of List Libraries128
  • Max. Number of Static Lists10 million
  • Imported Video AnalysisSingle video size ≤ 10 GB, and total video size ≤ 100 GB
  • Concurrent Performance-1 V 1 Comparison16 pairs per second
  • Blacklist Alarm-Response Time≤ 1 s
  • Video Structuralization
  • Video FormatMP4;AVI;TS;PS;MBF;ASF
  • Video Frame Rate Requirementno more than 25 rates per second
  • Picture Formatjpeg, bmp, tif, png
  • Human Body Picture RequirementWidth: 70 to 300 pixels recommended Completeness: the blocking area should be less than 30 percent of the target Angle deviation: the depression angle should be no greater than 45°
  • Vehicle Picture RequirementVehicle width: 100 to 300 pixels recommended License plate width: 80 to 120 pixels recommended Angle deviation: less than 30°, modelling for both the front and rear
  • Analysis of Human Body and Vehicle VideosVideo resolution: ≤800W (4096 × 2160)
  • Analysis of Human Body and Vehicle PicturesPicture resolution: ≥256 × 256 and ≤800W (4096 × 2160)
  • Human Body AttributeGender, age, hair style, clothes type, clothes color, as well as the following behaviors: wearing a hat, a mask, or glasses; carrying a bag or luggage; driving a non-motor vehicle (the number of passengers, vehicle type, vehicle size, driving direction, driving speed)
  • Vehicle attributeVehicle color, vehicle type, vehicle size, vehicle brand, sub-brand, driving direction, driving speed , license plate number, license plate type, license plate color, higher-emission vehicle or not, vehicle hazardous goods-carried vehicle or not, as well as the following behaviors: pulling sunshade down, using mobile phone, wearing safety belt
  • Imported Video AnalysisSingle video size ≤ 10 GB, and total video size ≤ 100 GB Max. 40 times accelerated analysis speed Format:ts, svac, mbf, ps, mp4, avi, asf
  • Web Application
  • AlarmBlacklist, whitelist, high frequency, and license plate
  • Smart SearchList library search, capture library search, alarming search
  • Personnel ArchiveSupport
  • Device Operation and MaintenanceSupport
  • Product Performance
  • Authorization TypeSoft Encryption
  • Video Accelerating Capacity40
  • Hardware Specifications
  • CPU2 × Intel Xeon Gold 6130
  • Memory256GB
  • Hard Disk1 × 240GB SSD/ 3 × 480GB SSD / 4 × 8TB SATA
  • NetworkGigabit Ethernet self-adaptive interface × 4
  • GPU Card3 × Tesla T4


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