Entelec Control Systems


Integration and unification provides retailers with the ability to reduce costs, spot wasted money, reduce retail theft and waste as well as streamline procedures.


We have the experience and references from hundreds of retail stores in the UK and Europe where Entelec continues to improve business ROI for our clients - Sky-Walker unifies all your building security & communication and automation assets into a single graphical user interface : Access control - Fire detection & extinguishing - Intrusion detection - CCTV - Intercom - Communications - Telephony - HVAC & PLC's - Public address - Lighting & shading - Power monitoring - Electrical & heat metering - Elevators .... and much more...



Evercam Ltd


Identification, Tracking & Counting of Construction Events & Objects. Designed to run on the edge or cloud.



Immix Software Ltd


Immix is event-based, remote monitoring software platform that operates in a commercial central station, alarm receiving centre (ARC) or security operations center (SOC) and consolidates a wide range of different security products into one simple operator interface, allowing for alarm events with audit footage as well as live video to be viewed and managed in the platform.


Immix Central Station (CS) is designed for commercial central stations or ARCs looking to offer and expand their suite of interactive video monitoring services. Immix Guard Force (GF) is designed for security companies who are looking to offer a range of sophisticated remote SOC services for their enterprise customers.




Monitor Computer Systems Ltd


Sentinel provides all the services needed to help alarm and video monitoring service providers on a single platform. Sentinel comes with a wide range of tailor-made features for system providers, such as mobile interfaces, configurable alarms screens, an automatic alarm dispatch, graphical performance dashboard, automatic report generation, and automated billing.


With Hik-ProConnect, systems integrators can easily enroll compatible Hikvision devices into the Sentinel system, providing transparency and control for alarm and video monitoring service providers. Device enrollment is a simple, 3-step process (of which the two first steps are usually completed beforehand). Once enrolled, alarm center operators can view the live feed and playback video, receive alarms/events, and control PTZ cameras. Alarms can be processed in the Sentinel alarm engine, allowing the operator to set up bespoke events to actions.






GARDiS Access Management Software is an evolution of the existing, user-friendly access control system developed by TDSi. It aims to improve accessibility through ease of installation, with a user-friendly interface that has been developed specifically to accommodate varied users, from Installers to IT managers.


Suitable for multiple sites, this development incorporates the new GARDiS Controller ranges as well as the existing MG and EX ranges. Both the design and development have been innovated by customer feedback that specified an interest in a simple and straightforward platform, which requires minimal training.



Tether Technology Ltd


Tether’s ANPR solution improves security, efficiency and service levels by bringing data from all ANPR cameras, such as Hikvision and others, from one or many sites into one secure cloud-based platform, showing the data on an easy-to-use dashboard that is accessible from anywhere.


Tether’s ANPR solution can be installed remotely, find licence plates in seconds, trigger actions such as opening gates or notifying a booking system, gather and share event footage, know who is accessing the system, and alert to interruptions in the system instantly.



Transpeye Ltd


A Video First Solution for Risk Management, Designed by Total Retail Loss experts, by Retail Loss Prevention Professionals. With many security systems and devices working in isolation, it can be difficult to see the big picture of risk management to enable effective efficient solutions.


Transpeye has been developed to be an all in one risk management system that can reveal the risk anytime, anywhere, identifying malicious and compliance based issues. We pull together all types of modern security device data for a holistic analytics/reporting view, across multiple devices and locations, providing infinite cross-device combinations with bespoke policy based alerts.


This combined with a modern cloud infrastructure, alongside CCTV integration allows powerful visual verification of such alerts, providing next generation risk management moments configurable by the end user with ease and simplicity, maximising investments and efficiencies.




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