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Hikvision’s Solar Farm Solution provides a wide range of products which can be fit with different types of solar farm applications, to offer advanced technologies for end user to manage the assets on site.

Overall System Benefits






  • Multiple alarm notification generated by the hardware can be transferred to HikCentral software or the 3rd party ARC system. 

  • Local storage on site with robust NVR. Variety of choices of IP camera to manage perimeter detection, covering short or long distances.

  • Fire detection to prevent asset loss in advance.

  • Live audio warning to address intruders. 360-degree PanoVu system to secure the site.

  • Up to 4K resolution and great image quality.

  • Two-way audio challenge. 3rd party ARC integration provides a quick response for any critical incident. 

Function 1 - Perimeter Detection

Hikvision can offer thermal imaging technology or IP products to detect intruders climbing over, or breaking through, fences or walls along the perimeter. Both are based on Deep Learning technology to distinguish objects, reducing false alarms


HeatPro thermal camera (0-50m) Long-range thermal camera (50m+)

  • Short / Long distance coverage
  • Deep Learning algorithm to improve the accuracy and reduce false alarms from animals
  • All weather conditions
  • Built-in strobe light and audio warning

AcuSense IP camera

  • Short distance coverage
  • Deep Learning algorithm to improve the accuracy and reduce false alarms
  • Built-in audio warning and strobe light
  • Great image quality at night

Live Guard Technology

  • White strobe light alarm
  • Audio broadcasts: 10 built in, 3 customisable
  • Two-way audio 
  • HikConnect: One-key ‘Do Not Disturb’ function and Two-Way Audio
  • ColorVu technology provides colourful 4K images 24/7
  • AcuSense technology captures human or vehicle targets with vivid details

DeepinMind NVR

  • Receives intrusion and line crossing detection information from cameras and identifies humans and vehicles in the video to reduce false alarms.
  • Saves on costs and time compared with conventional CCTV systems

Function 2 - Fire Prevention


Pain Points

  • Higher risk for wooden building and lumber when a fire ignites
  • Electrical equipment not turned off when employees finish a shift can cause a fire

Advantages of Thermal Cameras

  • 24/7 temperature monitoring of objects or areas
  • Real-time alarm notification can be sent to the VMS or ARC system
  • Configurable temperature threshold for early warning of a fire

Function 3 - Smart Linkage PTZ

Function 4 - Audio Warning

  • Linkage between Event and Audio
  • When alarm is triggered by camera/NVR, the IP speaker automatically generates warning audio to deter intruders
  • One-way broadcast
  • Operators can talk via IP speaker, giving audio warnings
  • Audio plan
  • Operators can set specific audio plans for IP speakers to play audio on schedule

Function 5 - Temperature Monitoring

Ideally designed for a narrow space to offer an accurate temperature measurement to protect the wiring cable and electrical components, especially those disrepair equipment which might have the fire hazard. Various installation methods are avaliable to fit the customer’s requirement.

Function 6 - Central Management

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