Hikvision’s School Security Applications are designed to increase safety and ensure that your School can give your students peace of mind.






Vehicle Entrance & Exit Control + Intercom

ANPR Camera

  • Number plate recognition and recording
  • Automatically releases employee vehicles
  • Warning on barred-list vehicles (barrier kept closed)
  • Provides reports on passing vehicles


Stainless Steel Door Station

  • Make contact with the Control Room
  • Noise suppression and echo cancellation
  • Low illumination

Car Parking

PTZ Monitoring

Dartfigher PTZ

  • Processes colour and brightness indepentently, outputting one fullcolour image
  • Efficient H.625 technology saves on bandwidth and storage
  • Monitor parking spaces to provide evidence in the event of incidents such as vehicle accidents, thefts, etc.
  • PTZ cameras can provide a flexible people tracking function to keep a watchful eye over any suspicious individuals.


False Alarm Reduction

DeepinMind NVR

  • Receives intrusion and line crossing detection information from cameras, and identifies humans and vehicles in the video to reduce false alarms
  • Saves on costs and time compared with conventional CCTV systems

Sports Ground

Panoramic Monitoring

PanoVu Camera

  • A single camera with 360° view that covers the whole sports ground area
  • Eight lenses with a single IP connection for easy installation and configuration


People Counting

People Counting Camera

  • Visitor flow control is based on the real-time number of people inside, ensuring social distance is maintained
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly visitor flow reports contribute to improved personnel scheduling and effectively enhance resource utilisation

Teaching Building

Touchless Temperature Screening & Mask Detection

Minmoe Access Control Terminal / Thermographic Handheld Camera / Thermographic Turret / Bullet Camera

  • Handheld Camera / Touchless skin-surface temperature and mask detection with high accuracy, without the need for close physical contact
  • Fast temperature screening with elevated temperature alarm
  • (pop-up image/audio warning)

Teaching Building

Behaviour Analysis

DeepinMind NVR

  • Detects behaviour of people gathered in a specific scene
  • Prevents dangerous events


Access Control & Digital Display

Access Control

  • Supports card, fingerprint, face authentication modes, all in one
  • terminal
  • Built-in card reader, for easy installation
  • Cross-system linkage between CCTV and access control provides situational awareness


Digital Display

  • Broadcast a range of useful school information instantly or as scheduled.

Control Room

Central Management

Central Video Monitoring

  • HikCentral is completely centralised to achieve vast integration capabilities and deliver more powerful solutions.


Business Intelligence

  • The BI dashboard provides a flexible, customised tabular view interface to provide decision makers with actionable analysis reports.


Business Intelligence

  • When someone has an elevated temperature or is not wearing a mask, event & alarm management can guide you to the related video, picture and its location via map, allowing appropriate responses to be initiated.

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