What We Offer

Hikvision Residential Solution is designed to enhance the security of the private residential area, and make the whole system efficiently managed and operated. 

Apartment Solution
Car Park & Entrance

Boost operation efficiency for vehicle management by easily retrieving vehicle records, using fuzzy match and receive real time alerts when a block-listed vehicle approaches, or your car park is full.


Simple Installation Adaptable to Common Scenarios

  • Lack of 24/7h video surveillance, especially at night
  • Hard to trigger an alarm in real time when valuable assets are stolen

Highly Efficient Vehicle Passing

  • Hands-free, with ANPR authentication
  • Remote access granting via video intercom if booth off-duty

The addition of intercom also provides noise suppression and echo cancellation, low illumination, premium tempered glass and aerospace-grade aluminum.


Monitor parking spaces to provide evidence in the event of incidents such as vehicle accidents and theft. PTZ cameras can provide a flexible people tracking function to keep a watchful eye over any suspicious individuals.

Perimeter Detection

DeepinMind NVR receives intrusion and line crossing detection information from cameras, and identifies humans and vehicles in the video to reduce false alarms. This saves on costs and time, when compared with conventional CCTV systems.

House Solution

The villa door station can control the access of the house with easy configuration and operation. Hikvision intrusion products helps to detect any movement in the area covered and get real-time notifications, allowing users to know what’s happening and take quick action. 

Outdoor Area

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