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Hikvision Hotel Solution is a package designed to increase safety and ensure that your hotel can welcome guests in comfort, with confidence and peace of mind.




Hotel Entrance

Temperature Screening & Mask Detection

  • Thermographic camera detects a guest's skin surface temperature without the need for physical contact, improving the customer experience and enhancing operational efficiency

  • Highly accurate mask detection camera functions identify whether an individual is wearing a mask and prompt them to do so if required

Hotel Reception

VIP Recognition

  • Hikvision’s temperature DeepinView cameras are designed to detect human faces and carry out facial comparisons. This service allows VIPs to be identified as soon as they arrive, and provided with exclusive, first-class customer experience. Hikvision's monitoring tablet helps reception staff to monitor for elevated temperatures in real time

Hotel Restaurant & Gym

Density Control

  • Hikvision's customer density control solution provides real-time guidance for queueing customers with clear visible and audible announcements

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly customer flow reports contribute to improved personnel scheduling and effectively enhance marketing strategies

Hotel Corridor

Dual Direction Monitoring

  • Hikvision provides a dual-direction PanoVu camera with two adjustable lenses, which can monitor different directions simultaneously, meaning less cabling is required and installation is easy

Hotel Car Park

ANPR Technology

  • Time-based vehicle number analysis shows how busy the car park is at different times

  • Vehicle overstaying alarms provide real-time notifications to staff when any vehicle has parked longer than permitted

  • The vehicle parking duration report shows how long each vehicle has parked. Users can define specific time periods and filter results, providing precise, useful data

Hotel Control Room

Access Control & Central Management

  • With the Hikvision access control system, you can easily assign permissions so that only the relevant authorized staff can enter the control room

  • View unauthorized and abnormal access records in alarm center
  • Video linkage & door operations via Control Client & Mobile Client

  • HikCentral is completely centralised to achieve vast integration capabilities and deliver more powerful solutions

  • When someone exhibits an elevated temperature or is not wearing a mask, event & alarm management can guide the operator to the related video, incident picture and its map location, enabling rapid response times


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