Hikvision’s Healthcare Security Applications are designed to increase safety and ensure that your establishment can make visitors and patients feel secure.




Intrusion Detection, Density Control & People Counting

AX Pro Intrusion Detection

  • Conventional alarm verification: Give the user a phone call or send the guard to the end-user site to verify an event.
  • New alarm verification: Send a 7 second recording via the app


Need to keep social distancing?

To observe social distancing, every hospital needs to control visitor flow. Hikvision density control solution provides real-time guidance for the visitors with visible and audible notice.


Having staff management issues?

With people counting, you can help optimise staffing schedules and operations, use insights to increase the number of staff during busy times and then reduce staff during quieter times to increase your operating efficiency.


Documenting visitor traffic?

Prodvide daily, weekly, and monthly visitor flow reports to improve personnel scheduling.



Body Worn Solution

Body Worn Cameras capture video, audio and images on the move. They record video at a resolution of up to 1080p, keeping vital metadata such as date, time, GPS location, device number and user details for the purpose of providing evidence.


Patient Waiting Area

False Alarm Reduction

Fall detection helps to detect people who trip or collapse suddenly, raising an immediate alarm. Previously this could only be achieved by human action or via wearable inspection tools, which was not highly effective. Now, based on deep learning video analysis technology, Hikvision has developed intelligent fall detection, making this key safety function more convenient and effective.



Panic Button

Hikvision provides the ideal bedside panic button in the form of the AX PRO Wireless Emergency Button. This is configurable remotely, utilising frequency-hopping technology for improved signal transmission. The Wireless Emergency Button is also available in a portable format for circumstances where patients need the reassurance of a panic button but the freedom to move about the hospital facilities.



Indoor Panoramic Monitoring

Mini PanoVu Cameras

The best combination of panoramic and close-up images: precise details while covering every angle. 

  • 3 lenses in one camera cover up to a 360° field of view, ensuring zero monitoring blindspots. 
  • Panoramic cameras link to the PTZ to capture the whole area and zoom into details. 
  • Mini size design is ideal for discreet indoor applications.


Capture 360° Images

Hikvision’s PanoVu DS-2PT3326IZ-DE3 PanoVu Mini Series Network PTZ camera, with integrated panoramic and PTZ cameras, is able to capture 360° images with its panoramic cameras, as well as detailed close-up images with the PTZ camera.


Consulting Room & Office

Access Control

With a Hikvision access control system, you can prevent illegal break-ins and can get real-time notifications of unauthorised access attempts. Because the access system can be linked to a camera, you can view video footage of the incident for full situation management.

  • Only after a designated manager swipes their card will their staff’s cards be activated.
  • First card authentication strategy helps to raise access control security levels.
  • A maximum of one door can be opened at the same time, preventing tailgating.

Car Park

False Alarm Reduction

DeepinMind NVR

  • Receives intrusion and line crossing detection information from cameras, and identifies humans and vehicles in the video to reduce false alarms
  • Saves on costs and time compared with conventional CCTV systems


Need efficient car park management?

Sometimes visitors and staff share the same car park and car bay, causing insufficient space staff.



Vehicle Management

  • Vehicle number time-based analysis shows how busy the car park is in different times.
  • Vehicle that overstay will trigger an alarm giving a real-time notification to staff.
  • Vehicle parking duration report shows how long each vehicle has parked and supports filtering parking by user-defined times, giving precise record you need.


Evidence Images

  • Evidence images will be generated with OSD on each one. At maximum, 4 individual pictures can be combined into one, including distant view, zoom-in view, and close-up view
  • OSD includes capture time, plate number, scene name, and event type, etc. All OSD information can be used by 3rd party platform.

Control Room

Central Management

HikCentral is completely centralised to achieve vast integration capabilities and deliver more powerful solutions.


When there is an abnormal event, an alarm can guide you to the related video, picture and its location (map), which helps you check what and where it’s happening.


Central Video Monitoring

HikCentral is completely centralised to achieve vast integration capabilities and deliver more powerful solutions.


Event & Alarm Management

When someone has an elevated temperature or is not wearing a mask, event & alarm management can guide you to the related video, picture and its location via map, allowing appropriate responses to be initiated.


Business Intelligence

The BI dashboard provides a flexible, customised tabular view interface to provide decision makers with actionable analysis reports.

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