The Command Center - the brain of the traffic management solution. Everything converges here as data applications enable traffic management teams to monitor events in real-time.


All information gets safely stored and utilized, unlocking the potential of fused data. Along with management, the Command Center links up with the local municipality in maintaining a peaceful and safe living environment. Synchronizing all the data and putting it to use - this is the finale. Hikvision hardware, software, and system integration manage a world of information and enable essential decision-making. In the end, knowledge, action, and safety are at your fingertips.


A Powerful Search Engine for Vehicles  

These traffic cameras focus in on passing vehicles and extract attributes such as the  vehicle’s make, model, and color, along with license plate number. They then tag and archive that data with time and location information. This provides a database for advanced and powerful searches that allow for flexible combinations of vehicle attributes, time, and location criteria. The VMS also supports browsing those captured vehicle images using plate numbers or checkpoint information.  


Predict Trends from Past Patterns

Traffic Flow Reports generate key data in visualized graphs to bring new insights to light. Through analyzing historical and real-time traffic data, a management team can predict flow with more accuracy.



Verifying Violations with Recorded Evidence

Traffic cameras automatically identify and report traffic violation events such as running red lights, speeding, improper lane usage, illegal parking, using a phone while driving, and failure to use a seat belt. Traffic officers can then search for and verify reported events manually. And when violations are confirmed, traffic officers can issue traffic tickets using the captured video as evidence.



Create Value with United Efforts 

Hikvision’s system opens doors to third-party services for flexible integration, expanding possibilities for security agencies and applications of all kinds.


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