What is the In-Store BI Solution?






1. Operation Optimisation

Offering two critical KPIs: walk-in rate and sales conversion rate, to improve area sales efficiency using simple visual data, such as dwell analysis and heat mapping along with queue detection.





2. Layout Optimisation

Improve area sales efficiency through visualised data such as dwell analysis, global heat map and queue detection.



Walk-in Rate & Customer Traffic > Fine Management

Evaluate store operation KPIs through multiple dimensions. By combining offline data collected from stores and online marketing data, drive transformation from experience-based operation to data-oriented. 




Issue example: What could have caused low overall transaction volume?


Fine Management Analysis: Trace through the sales funnel

Valid Traffic Statistic > Reveal Real Operation Performance

Exclude invalid traffic to let the real customer traffic reflect operation performance.




Issue example: In speciality stores the traffic will be greatly affected by staff walking in/out



Global Heat Map > Visualised Customer Behavious In-Store

Facilitate visualised display of zone heat with vivid colours to understand if each zone works.




Issue example: Which category attracts customers most? Does the store layout and customer journey match?



Success Story






Xx Fashion Brand South Asia



Customer Benefits


Economic UP!

Around 7-meter-wide enterance with just 1 7 series camera, accuracy can be used as EAS linkage camera!


Data Scopt UP!

Full-dimension customer traffic collection helps to reveal the real operation performance with two KPIs:

  • Walk-in rate directly offered by Hikvision
  • Transaction rate = POS transaction order / customer traffic-in


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