Hospitals and health care facilities are designed to be places of healing, recovery, and tranquillity. However, with high volumes of people constantly coming and going – visitors, volunteers, patients, and others – the potential for unlawful behaviour is substantial. Furthermore, recording the activities of hospital personnel, securing limited access areas, and keeping parking lots operating efficiently require intelligent technology.

Hikvision’s Smart Solution for Healthcare Facilities secures hospitals and other treatment centres with its advanced technology, powerful cameras, and reliable recording devices. Everywhere from guard stations to intensive care units, Hikvision surveillance solution products powerfully assist and protect healthcare facilities and personnel.



  • Bullet Camera facing the entrance: Achieve distance coverage at both day and night.
  • ANPR Camera facing the entrance of the parking lot: Record and manage vehicles.


  • Dome Camera: IR function solves the problem of low illumination.
  • LED Monitor: Display messaging or advertising.
  • Fisheye Camera: 360° surveillance with heat map and intersection analysis.


  • NVRs with POS function for cashier desks: Avoid disputes with POS records.
  • Digital Signage: Display counter information or notices.

Consulting Room

  • Dome Camera: Record the events with audio if required. 
  • Interactive Display: Show details of images, medical history, therapeutic schedule and other information to patients.

Control Room

  • HikCentral: Centralized camera management, enhancing efficiency to help maximize security data and implementation.
  • Monitor: Various sizes avaliable
  • NVR: Store and support functions such as POS.


  • Access Control Terminal: Only allow access to authorized personnel and record all entries.
  • Fisheye Camera: Panoramic monitoring.
  • Fall Detection: (coming soon)


  • Access Control Terminal: Only allow access to authorized personnel and record all entries.
  • Fisheye Camera: Panoramic monitoring
  • Thermal Camera: Send an alarm to the monitoring center if a flame is detected.


  • Corridor rotate mode: Effective monitoring to avoid waste of bandwidth and storage space.
  • Dome Camera: Rotate mode for long and narrow scenario.





As levels of uncertainty fluctuate, hospitals face new challenges in keeping their visitors, staff, and patients safe and healthy while managing surges in demand and shortages in supplies. Hospital administrators are asking:

  • How can we screen skin temperatures regularly and safely in each area of a hospital?
  • How can we manage the way people enter and move through the various nodes of the hospital?
  • How can we maintain situational awareness and respond quickly in case of an emergency?

Now with Hikvision’s Back-to-Business Solutions for Hospitals, the questions above have answers, and the unique needs of typical healthcare scenarios can be easily met.



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