Hikvision’s Data Centre Solution is designed to increase safety for all assets and staff.





Vehicle Entrance & Exit Control

ANPR Camera

  • Number plate recognition and recording
  • Automatically releases employee vehicles
  • Warning on barred-list vehicles (barrier kept closed)
  • Provides reports on passing vehicles



  • Noise suppression and echo cancellation
  • Low illumination
  • Premium tempered glass
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum



  • Two options to cover most of applications, including Fixed version and Portable version.
  • Ultra length/width inspection, high performance Linear Scan.
  • Excellent Image Quality, FOV: Fixed: 180°, Portable: 170°, No hidden angles.
  • Module design to make installation and maintenance much easier.
  • IP rating protection level.
  • Alarm notification for suspicious threat.

Car Parking

PTZ Monitoring

Dartfigher PTZ

  • Processes colour and brightness indepentently, outputting one fullcolour image
  • Efficient H.625 technology saves on bandwidth and storage
  • Monitor parking spaces to provide evidence in the event of incidents such as vehicle accidents, thefts, etc.
  • PTZ cameras can provide a flexible people tracking function to keep a watchful eye over any suspicious individuals.

Perimeter & Fencing

DeepInMind + Long Fence Alarm Detection + Video & Audio Convergence

DeepinMind NVR

  • Receives intrusion and line crossing detection information from cameras, and identifies humans and vehicles in the video to reduce false alarms
  • Saves on costs and time compared with conventional CCTV systems


Long Fence Alarm Detection

  • Based on unmatched infrared radiation detection, thermal cameras are rarely affected by the environment and capable of triggering alarms in ultra long distances. 


Video & Audio Convergence

Our Video & Audio Convergence Solution uses both CCTV and audio technology to provide a real-time warning system and a proactive deterrent.

  • Fast deployment.
  • Fast audio warning reaction when alarm is triggered.
  • Loud broadcast volume.

Main Entrance

Panoramic Monitoring

People Counting Camera

  • With people counting, can help you optimise staffing
  • schedules and operations, use insights to precisely increase the number of staff during busy times to improve services, and then reduce staff during quieter times to increase your operating efficiency.
  • Visitor flow control based on real-time number of people entering an area and keep social distance.


People Counting Camera

  • High accuracy touch-free skin-surface temperature and mask detection, without the need for close physical contact.
  • Fast temperature screening with elevated temperature alarm (pop-up image/audio warning).


Advertising Display + Time Attendance

Digital Signage

  • Shows advertisments and release notices.
  • Easier to install and change than conventional advertising.
  • Supports displaying video, animation, images and texts.
  • Personalised layout with multiple content blocks.
  • Free management software.
  • Display schedule can be set by the hour, day, or week.


Pro Series Access Control

  • Time attendance. Send attendance reports to your email automatically.
  • Get attendance report at fingerprint terminal locally or on software remotely
  • Access control function, release door on
  • Hik-Connect App remotely
  • Time attendance status display (Check in/out, Break out/in, Overtime in/out)
  • Elegant appearance with high quality
  • Standalone IP based terminal

Meeting Room

Panoramic Monitoring

Fisheye Camera

  • One camera installed at the center of the ceiling to cover the whole office.
  • Various expansion modes to present the panoramic view in conventional way of displaying
  • High definition provides good image and details
  • Fewer cameras means less installation and reduced labour cost

Server / Rack Room

Biometric + Access Control


  • High security and assurance – Biometric identification helps to provide identity verification.
  • User Experience – Convenient and fast.
  • Non-transferrable – Everyone has access to a unique set of biometrics.
  • Spoof-proof – Biometrics are hard to fake or steal.


Access Control

Protect storage room environments and assets from threats.

With a Hikvision access control system, you can prevent illegal break-ins and can get real-time notifications of unauthorised access attempts. Because the access system can be linked to a camera, you can view video footage of the incident for full situation management.


Control Room

Smart Video Wall

Smart Video Wall

  • Flexible monitoring and accommodating a low bandwidth scenario.
  • Alarm pop-up onto smart wall.
  • Automatically calling certain views by schedule.
  • Desktop feeds displayed on Smart Wall.


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