Integration Methods

Various integration methods are supported for the connection between Hikvision devices and the ARC software for customers, according to their project requirements and integration availability. These include SDK linkage, Hik-ProConnect connection, Hik-ProConnect + IP Receive Pro, and HikCentral ARC gateway plugin. 



Direct integration is possible between Hikvision security devices and AMS. The customer can simply log in to a Hikvision standard DVR/NVR/IP camera to configure an alert email. Once the event/alarm is triggered, the notification, with 3 accompanying photos, can be uploaded to the ARC platform directly, and the customer can act accordingly.




Hik-ProConnect is an online device and service management platform for installers. It supports the remote installation of Hikvision devices from anywhere in the world.

In order to achieve more advanced features, Hik-ProConnect provides OpenAPI for ARC integration. Using this method, all Hik-ProConnect-compatible devices are supported by the integrated software, and device features are automatically inherited for further processing. AX PRO alarm notification and video verification from the PIR camera, or CCTV images, can be sent to an ARC using this integration method.



For ARC software not able to directly integrate with the Hik-ProConnect platform, IP Receive Pro provides an intermediate software to complete the connection. A Windows server-based protocol converter, this converts Hikvision’s private protocol to other protocols, making uploading alarms simpler. It supports the same functions as the Hik-ProConnect integration.



This is designed specifically for customers who have selected Hikvision as their main/only manufacturer, and use HikCentral for centrally device management and configuration. Once the development between the dedicated plugin and the alarm monitoring software is done, it provides a ‘Plug & Play’ operation for ARCs, with a few configurations. 



Hikvision AX PRO Alarm Panel supports the DC09(SIA) protocol, which can directly communicate with the ARC. Please note that only the alert signal from the alarm panel can be sent to the ARC software, but with no visual verifications. For some simple scenarios, this method will be enough to meet the customer’s need.

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