An Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is a secure, 24-hour control room manned by trained experts which can receive and process alarm signals from remote sites. It is also known as a Central Monitoring Station (CMS). Alarm monitoring software (ARC software) is designed to receive alarm signals and to process those signals with a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the operator.


Hikvision’s security expertise provides a reliable solution for ARC monitoring. Accurate alarm information is provided to the ARC using innovative technology. Armed with this information, an ARC can protect properties and their assets, with real-time event video and accurate evidence for law enforcement at their disposal. A number of ARC integration methods have been developed for particular scenarios. 


Watch our technical update with Product Specialist, Dan King, to learn more about our ARC solution. Altnernatively, you can download our presentation here.

What We Offer

As a world-leading IoT solution provider, Hikvision can play an important role in an ARC solution. Hardware devices, including alarms and CCTV systems, can give accurate alarm and visual verification to the software. The HikCentral ARC Module can be used as an ARC software to directly receive signals from Hikvision products, and handle them with a SOP. For customers using the third-party ARC platform, Hikvision provides various integration methods for direct connection to the ARC platform, or communication through Hik-ProConnect or HikCentral Pro platforms. Customers can select the right connection method according to their project requirements and integration availability.

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