Requirement Analysis


Needs to provide real-time integrity checks with video, and each video needs to be mapped to the specific picking activity.


Needs to generate forensic analysis for review to check stock levels and supply chain accuracy.


Needs easy application. The solution needed to be cost effective and integrate with the existing data tools.


Needs to offer cross-functional benefits and ROI, including operational streamlining, improved on-shelf availability and shrinkage reduction.

Solution Overview

In the fresh picking area, as each item is picked it generates a unique transaction ID through the use of the scanning terminals. The picker confirms each pick transaction, and this is mapped by both location and UTC time-stamp.


CCTV cameras are installed around the area, monitoring the real-time pallet status. They are mapped to specific pick zones and synchronised, with a Universal Time Code (UTC), to the management software.

Video Evidence Retrieval

Solution Advantages

  • Each item with a unique ID
  • Every process bound with a video clip
  • Monitor food waste level and stock turns
  • Accurate data linked to orders
  • POS logged in with video
  • 24/7 clear video for post-pick forensic review

Product Spotlight

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