Hikvision Digital Display Solution clearly communicates live information to all your visitors by combining Temperature ScreeningDensity Control, and Face Mask Detection solutions with digital and video messaging or advertising. It lets everyone know when they can enter your premises along with displaying any special messages in realtime.


Temperature Screening & Mask Detection

Digital Display Solution

  • Ideal for office buildings, schools, retail stores and hospitals.
  • Fast deployment and cost effective.
  • Displays the image of thermal camera and temperature detection and mask detection results.

Solution products:

Density Control

Digital Display Solution

  • Ideal for shops, restaurants or any premises where you need to control the number and flow of people.
  • Fast deployment and cost effective, only one camera, one monitor and one digital signage box required.
  • Basic numeric data shows number of people in premises Real time alert and voice prompt from camera when threshold is reached.
  • When a customer without a mask is detected, a customised text prompt will pop up.
  • Play advertising pictures or videos in a loop.

Solution products:


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