GET A FREE Health Monitoring Package with any new AX Pro control panel on Hik-ProConnect!

That’s right: Hikvision is offering an entirely free one-year Health Monitoring Package for every AX Pro security control panel connected to Hik-ProConnect before the end of May!


And during the promotion there’s NO LIMIT to the number of free packages available. So if an installer adds – for example – 50 new AX Pro devices to Hik-ProConnect at any point between April 12th  and May 28th, they will receive 50 free year-long Health Monitoring Packages!



What are the benefits of using AX Pro devices with Hik-ProConnect?

  • A single platform enables the integration of all Hikvision devices.
  • Assign devices to your ARC via Hik-ProConnect using P2P technology.
  • Health monitoring lets you quickly locate abnormal devices and solve problems, saving time.
  • History exception records can be saved, viewed, and exported for further analysis.
  • Enable flexible linkage across devices, setting rules and video verification durations as required.
  • ARCs can view snapshots of activations from PIRCAMs to verify alarms.
  • Online configuration is easy and fast.
  • Promote awareness of your brand with co-branding through the Hik-Connect app for users.
  • Add value and differentiate your services from others.



Amazing! So how do I take advantage of this offer?

Easy. Just visit, download Hik-ProConnect direct from, or search and download Hik-ProConnect on the App Store or Google Play. Register an installer account and add an AX Pro device into Hik-ProConnect. You don’t have to do anything more!

In the week following May 28th, the Health Monitoring Package will be delivered to your Hik-ProConnect account automatically.

It’s that simple!



OK, great! Er, quick question: what is AX Pro?

AX Pro is Hikvision’s new generation of wireless alarm systems for residential and commercial applications. The AX Pro control panel connects all peripherals and functions as the system hub, which can then be further connected to the Hik-Connect app (for end users) and Hik-ProConnect (for installers and integrators).

Find out more about Hikvision’s AX Pro product range here:



And… what is Hik-ProConnect?

Hik-ProConnect is a convergent, cloud-based security solution that helps manage services for your customers and helps expand your business via subscription offers. Hik-ProConnect enables you to customise security solutions for customers with fully integrated Hikvision devices, covering video, intrusion, access, intercom, and more. You can set cross-device linkage rules, manage employee roles and permissions and view employee operation logs, and offer co-branding via the Hik-Connect app.

Find out more about Hik-ProConnect here:



Oh, I see! What’s a Health Monitoring Package, then?

A Health Monitoring Package is a value-added service provided via Hik-ProConnect. Each package has a duration of one year and works not only with AXPro devices but also IP cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and access control products.

The Health Monitoring Package allows installers and integrators to view device health status, receive real-time exception notifications, and automatically send health check reports in batches (or manually export reports). Reduce the need for site visits, saving time and money.




Terms and Conditions

The promotion period runs from April 12th to May 28th 2021. Please click here to view the terms and conditions for this promotion.

Note: At present ARC integration via Hik-ProConnect is only compliant with Sentinel software.

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